good morning!my name is Anna and i found this forum because im just searching on line for best nhs orthodontist because i care about my daughters daughter is 11 and she just lost her last baby teeth so i started thinking about braces for her.we went to nhs orthodontist and this was not good appointment(long story) i didnt knew nothing what we should do after we left but i knew my daughter need i went to two different private orthodontist and they both told me the daughter should have done something with teeths even when she had babyteeths because her jaws dont much together and she needs probably more then one for teeth and another one for jaws just to help bones to grow in correct way...i have much more to write but is just to long..
please i know this is probably not a correct forum but maybe someone can give me advice were i should write?or maybe someone know good orthodontist in Bedfordshire (we are from Luton area)just who can give her a good treatment..
thank you for reading this and have a nice weekend:)