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The unseen struggles of a carer during the Covid-19 lockdown - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

The unseen struggles of a carer during the Covid-19 lockdown

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
On the other hand I'm sure the pharmacist should be doing this, regardless.
Not something I am involved with myself, so will have to have a think about where I've read this.
I would have thought it wasn't up to the pharmacist to make a decision like this, but up to the doctor.
I'll be back....!
https://medicationtraining.co.uk/are-bl ... appearing/

My links don't always work on the forum, let me know if this one works, or not, but it explains the thinking behind the pharmacists attitude.
Denis_1610 wrote:
Fri May 08, 2020 1:29 pm
Michael_2005 wrote:
Wed May 06, 2020 5:30 pm
. . .
Denis, what I mean with regards to the medication is that prior to Covid we had an arrangement with the pharmacist whereby the medication was sorted and delivered in weekly blister packs with all the medication needed for morning, afternoon and night in it’s own blister for each individual day. . .
I am surprised you ever got that level of service from the pharmacist, Michael. I have never had it. However you have the right idea - sort it in advance and you'll be fine each day.
istr that the service is paid for out of the prescribing GP's budget (if they agree to it), which makes it harder to get.

If anyone else struggles with juggling multiple medications, here's my method.

I have a dispensing chart on the back of the cupboard door which holds all the goodies

I have a pot in the cupboard with one strip of every pill on the chart

Tip them all out of the pot, decant each pill as required into a container and put the strip back in the pot

Any strips from which you take the last pill are replaced with a fresh one immediately. Yes, that goes for you as well, right now, not five minutes later, you'll forget.

When all the strip are back in the pot the correct pills will have been dispensed.


Hello and welcome Michael,

It really is relentless, but you are in good company
If you can think of a specific problem there are plenty of us around to take a stab at helping you out as we've probably gone through, or are in fact going through the same issue, or similar before.

Funny people mention the pill dispensers I've been looking into electronic/time locked ones for another caree.. I mean I am around anyway but I'm very pro-anything which enables a person to remain independent while being safe, and it helps them keep up with technology in a way.

bowlingbun wrote:
Wed May 06, 2020 11:20 am
Google "Royal College of Genral Practitioners Carers Policy" (sorry, I haven't got time right now) and you will find all sorts of things the doctor should be doing to help. I had to forward a copy to my practice manager, and my son's practice, they had never heard of the policy, never mind read it!
The manager did apologise and said they'd try to implement the recommendations.
I looked into this a time ago, was it this page? Was in my bookmarks

https://www.rcgp.org.uk/clinical-and-re ... pport.aspx

Something interesting to read... given this article is quite dated, but it builds upon how we knew that unpaid carers were saving the economy a fortune (enough to pay for the NHS), they actually take this data alot further, and single out those doing 50+ hour weeks. Its probably closer to double that figure when you factor for fiscal inflation as well as the millions of carers missing from that figure.

Did you know?

That 1.2 million carers spend over 50 hours caring for others, this equates to a full time workforce larger than the entire NHS. Carers are estimated to save the UK economy £119 billion a year in care costs, more than the entire NHS budget and equivalent to £18,473 per year for every carer in the UK.

And thats where I come across this last bit, explaining why everything seems so dated on the page.
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The RCGP’s Supporting Carers programme closed on 31 March 2015. For further information about the RCGP’s work on supporting carers in general practice please contact...
Best Wishes
I think there is an updated version, but this one mentions having a Carers Champion in each practice. I was down as a carer at my practice, but later found out that I wasn't! Mum went to the same practice, so presumably after she died they took me off without asking!!! Medical staff have tunnel vision, interested in one patient. At one stage I had five carers at the same time, from three practice's, nightmare.
Interesting citation by BB. When mum had carers at home, they wanted blister packs to offer mum her meds. I think they wanted to shift responsibility back to pharmacy as to what to offer and when. Also faster for the me and the carers to sort out.

Actually, the carers twice pointed out errors in the packs due to changes in medication prescription happening after the blister packs were assembled.