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Hopefully, at least the dog(s) won't totally starve. This is really an awful situation.
How difficult for you. I hope you resolve the issue soon.
A few reports off forum and what I have seen first hand.

Prices ... creeping up ... odd 1p / 2p here and there ... vegetables , one to keep a close eye on !
The problem is that people have now snaffled all the home delivery slots by booking weekly repeat orders leaving vulnerable people who need to isolate with no access at all to home delivery and a logistical nightmare of how to get stuff from the shelves to the doorstep safely.

I think that for those carers (whether family members, paid carers, freinds or charitable volunteers) who are shopping for a shielded vulnerable person and need to avoid getting infected themselves or bringing infection back to cared for, the big supermarkets ought to reserve some capacity in the "Click and Collect" channel. They could then provide a special pick-up point with additional separation and infection controls in place. They should also reserve capacily for vulnerable people in the home delivery channel and not just on the basis of the Government's definition of a vulneranble person which I feel is almost naively narrow. I just cannot believe that my mum, with all her problems is not classed officially as vulnerable.

If this was done in concert with the Local Authoriies, local care providers and agencies such as Age UK, the LA could make special dispensation for carers to use blue badge car park spaces when collecting shopping to give greater separation. They could also ensure orders are fulfilled from the newest stock so as to reduce the need for people to repeat order non-freezable stuff so frequently and reduce the number of visits necessary. The LA should know who the most vulnerable people and carers are and could put lists together of them to register with the supermarkets.

I am caring for my 93 year old mum who is bedbound, needs spoon feeding and can't be left alone at all. I have to be in close contact with her to provide care so could not avoid infecting her. She has multiple severe mental and physical heath issues so her care is totally dpenedent on me and with no viable contingency plan for alternate care. If I become ill, what happens to her then? A nursing home or hospital? I don't think that would be in anyone's interest or even possible in present circumstances. I and all like me, just need this basic logictics problem solving.

At the moment, I'm having to depend on lovely kind neighbours and friends to supply us and the local volunteer scheme by Age UK. That's wonderful but I hate that they are putting themselves in harms way to do it even though I know they are there anyway shopping on their own account.

All I want is a fair go with the online shopping instead of this free for all that leaves so many vulnerable people trampled underfoot. Then I can order stuff and get it delivered myself. The Goverment and LA's really need to understand this problem and get a grip of it quickly or soon, many, many carers is this position will start risking everything going out to shop. It is my right and choice to make that decision for myself but do I have the right to make that choice for my mum too?
when i went up to teso i got what i needed and asked when the deliverys would be done for the most in need i showed them my carers card and they said about nhs opening times i said i am not nhs i am a private carer tesco staff said i should not be there but i said i needed food
Yet another vote for an acceptable carers card nationwide ?

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... cept-39543
Locally , the mutual aid group are " Borrowing " from the food bank to make up essential parcels to many elderly citizens in the surrounding , former , pit villages
hoping to replenish them during the day from acquisitions from the local supermarkets.

It is getting very desperate , at times.
Just to record , kiosk at my local ASDA earlier this morning.

One local mutual aider topping up 24 prepayment meter thingamejigs on behalf of residents of an outlying , former , pit village.

14 villages as such locally , I wonder if he spends his whole day just making sure the villagers are topped up ?

Separate clear pvc envelopes with name and address labels thereon.

Pleasing to see even if a few in the queue were becoming inpatient.


Honey Badger wrote:
Mon Mar 30, 2020 3:10 pm

Slots were hit and miss availability before this started. Especially around the holiday period, it would be rammed, big time.

We had a recurring slot (and annual membership to reserve it each week) and what they did was take that away from us without any sort of warning, according to the account management page the next one is at the end of April however we can't actually use that slot to put an order in yet, because the website functionality was changed (you can't go more than 2 weeks ahead in the calendar)

Its full because they just do not have the capacity for the shere amount of people wanting to use it

It'll actually get worse when they begin to use the list to prioritise those who managed to get letters
Oh, I did not realise they'd done that! I stand corrected and am sorry you lost your regular slot. As you say, too much demand for the capicity available. I guess after this, many more people will stick with home delivery and they'll ramp up the capacity. I shall have to find other ways to get supplies to us. Thank you for your update on the situation. Stay safe and well.
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