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I did a big shop at Aldi today. fantastic. Very quiet and got everything I needed.Plenty of everything except the usual loo rolls.

I can only assume that the panic buyers are still stocked to high heaven and don’t need to shop this week so there’s plenty for the rest of us.
Is there a card available- I was asked for I'd this morning. Help
After days I've managed to get a Sainsbury's on line slot!! Have only ordered what I need, plus some naughty choc biscuits. Only one pack promise.
Grandchildren's goody tin not touched. I dare not, would be too tempted. Odd to see that full lol
The post code lottery at it's finest ?
Online shopping meltdown: Supermarket delivery system appears close to collapse as stores struggle to cope with deluge of orders during coronavirus crisis.

Daily Mail survey found no delivery slots available from any mainstream stores.
No orders could be placed from Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose and Ocado.
Boris Johnson suggested locked-down Britons should arrange food deliveries.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... apse.html
to be honest Bill I think this is the Daily Mail at it's sensationalist worst ! I contribute to another forum where we are having similar conversations about COVID 19 and online shopping - the majority of the members there are saying that there are delivery slots available for existing customers (especially if you have registered as "vulnerable"), you just have to keep checking. I also know for sure that some of the supermarkets (not all) are not taking on any new online customers - fair enough they are overstretched with deliveries at the moment - but a pound to a penny a lot of the "new" customers will be those who stripped the shops bare in the first place !
I tend to agree.

However , the Daily Mail occasionally comes up trumps ... what they reported here mirror images numerous reports locally as may be gleamed from a random
sample of local newspapers nationwide ... 3 out of 10 headings sampled this morning alone were of the " Empty shelves " variety.

Online deliveries ... percentages ... goods supplied versus goods ordered ... 40% and one would be doing well ... especially in the essentials category ?

Local ASDA this morning .... happy hour ... flash twirly card ... fresh vegetables / potatoes first time in 6 days ... milk first time since early Monday ... bread / rolls sparse
... no meat ... medications sparse ... alcohol , quick glance , a few cans left of a beer I had never heard of ... at one point , counted 9 fellow shoppers ( 8.25 am ) baskets
not trolleys ... car park deserted , as was town centre 150 yards further on.

Farmfoods next door ... temporary closed pending supplies coming in later.
It's taken me days and constant checking. I prefer not to go out except for a short walk. Am a healthy 70 year old, and want to remain that way. Family have been through enough heartbreak. Bill, you made me feel I should justify trying!!
Desperate times demand desperate measures ?

Keeping fit during the lockdown ... one trip out for essentials ?

5 supermarkets ... 3.5 miles round trip ... milk today , meat tomorrow , potatoes on Friday ... if I'm lucky ?

If things get worse , do not rule out Government intervention into the supply chain ... removing competitive practices for one.
Tesco has announced that customers will no longer be able to buy skimmed milk in its supermarkets, as stores change what stock is available during the coronavirus lockdown.

It is reported that shoppers will soon only be able to buy semi-skimmed or whole milk in two or four pint bottles.

According to the Mirror, the supermarket will also temporarily axe most of its promotions and multi-pack deals in an effort to stop people panic buying during the coronavirus pandemic.

The supermarket giant is also simplifying its toilet roll range, with at least one supplier asked to only send in nine-roll packs.

what about people who can only have skimmed milk for diet reasons or because other milk make them sick like us !!!

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... ffers.html
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