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………….so if no fuel, no artics to deliver food.
Even happier days. :lol:
Latest news across the spectrum of food supplies / online deliveries / supermarkets :

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/marke ... ppers.html

The post code lottery at it's finest ???

Needless to add , we are ALL in uncharted waters.

The traditional harvesting season before long ... add to that , Brexit AND coronavirus ?
UK military planners drafted in to help feed vulnerable in Covid-19 outbreak.

Food stockpilers told they should be ‘ashamed’ as prime minister urges Britons not to make mother’s day visits.

Key military officials are to help ensure food and medicines reach vulnerable people isolated at home during the coronavirus crisis, as part of a nationwide campaign to protect more than a million people most at risk of being hospitalised.

Community pharmacies, voluntary groups and food retailers are in talks with the government to ensure essential items reach people being told to remain in their home. Those believed to be at most risk are being contacted on how best to protect themselves, and being strongly advised to stay home for at least 12 weeks.

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/ ... 9-outbreak
My weekly shop this afternoon was in Sainsburys (Christchurch), it was like a ghost town, but well stocked for current circumstances, there was plenty of fruit and veg, also meat and fish (unlike Tesco on Thu & Sat) although no chicken. No pasta, and only Arborio Rice, (that's OK, I can do Risotto). No toilet rolls, and cleaning products were almost non-existent, plenty of kitchen rolls, the same as Tesco, (it would only take a sharp knife to cut one down the middle if you're getting low on loo roll). There is still no Chocolate shortage. :D

The biggest two misses from my shopping list were Marmite and a box of wine, the wine and beer stocks were almost wiped out, I guess that's not surprising giving it more thought. I'm going to miss my large glass of Red after I've put the wife to bed.
bowlingbun wrote:
Thu Mar 19, 2020 5:06 pm
Our local Waitrose is going to have 7.30-8.30 am shopping dedicated to the elderly and vulnerable.
First problem, who has carers at that time of the morning!!
Not much good either if you don't have transport.
The principle of herding a lot of elderly and disabled people together seems to be a recipe for spreading the virus?
I was at first puzzled at what seems to be mixed advice here, but having seen how it works I think it make sense.
By making the first hour over-70 or disabled or those caring for such:
  • The shop has been sanitized overnight, so from a hygiene point of view this is the best time to visit.
  • The shop has been restocked overnight so there is likely to be a fuller range of goods available.
I went into our local Waitrose early last Saturday. It was not over-busy and the customers, mainly older people, were self-separating sensibly. Counter stocks were beginning to recover compared with a few days ago, and, yes, there were some toilet rolls available. (I didn't buy any; I was travelling by bike and had limited carrying capacity; besides I do not believe in hoarding.)

I'll be paying Waitrose another visit early tomorrow morning. We'll see if it is much busier; the pop-in-on-the-way-to-work crowd may be there.
Surely a better idea would be to have some online shopping slots dedicated only for elderly and vulnerable, and those who are self isolating?
That doesn't sound a bad idea but it would require personnel to set up the system to do this and check each customer that they were eligible. I think at present the priority is to have personnel restock shelves. It may happen, though; we shall see.
I'm sure lots of people booking slots in advance are just the lazy and greedy who want to get first picking of everything.
That may be so for a few, but let's not tar everyone with the same brush. As you have said yourself, BB, online is the best way. At present, booking well in advance is the only way to get a delivery slot at all. We normally get a delivery from Morrison's once a week. in last week's delivery there were many unavailable items and we must wait ten days for the next delivery. The situation seems to be getting worse. I have just checked and at present Morrisons do not have any bookable delivery slots at all in my area.
Londonbound wrote:
Thu Mar 19, 2020 11:52 pm

Hopefully it will all get back to normal next week or the week after, there is only so much you can stockpile.
Now there's a bit of sensible advice! Not that I approve of stockpiling one bit, but we have had these panic buying issues in the past and they usually level out after a couple of weeks.
Some local community groups now have updates , in real time , on supplies available locally.

In my area , I and 3 others , are constantly providing updates on the major supermarket situations to the local foodbank who are coordinating things
with the remaining , supporting , charities around with a street presence and a couple of the local gp surgeries.

Quite simple ... spot a delivery coming in and pass on the alert.

Local ASDA ... no meat / vegetables / milk / fresh bread as of 15 minutes ago.

Why not check your own area out for a local group ... link posted on another thread :

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... 1679997048
Ayjay wrote:
Sat Mar 21, 2020 8:12 am
I was talking to my son on the phone last night, he is predicting a petrol/diesel shortage in the not too distant future.
. . .
Tell your son not to shout this around too much, or there will be lots of people panic-buying petrol. And for goodness sake don't say anything to the news media.
Ayjay, No.1 son says Land Rovers can work well on aviation fuel (he used to work for FR Aviation at Hurn) so he'll be fine!
He went into the local Co op today and bought some eggs and milk. I popped into Waitrose this afternoon, really quiet, no flour, but most other things. Flour Is the only thing I'd really like to find some more of, but I'm no not right out of it yet.
Just listened to Boris.

Will be rather difficult NOT going out more than once a day to source foodstuff essentials.

In my area , one never knows which supermarket has what in stock at the time you visit.

An alert may go out that Tescos / ASDA / Aldi / Sainsburys / Morrisons have just had a delivery ... no guarantee what you are seeking is available by the time you get there.

In some cases , 2 / 3 even 4 supermarkets to acquire 6 essentials ... it is that hit and miss locally as I type.

To make matters even worse , ALL local bus services have been cut back to a maximum of 1 per hour on the major routes !
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