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Because me(full time carer) and my husband who has a physical disability and are both under 70. We can't access any on line shopping. Interestingly, also there was information albeit in a national newspaper. That less priority will be given to over 60's re health and entering hospital. I am not even a pensioner as I am a WASPI women. And I am even more disadvantaged. As are so many of us!!
1.5 million ... as opposed to 10 million+ again.

What do the 8.5 million+ who lose out supposed to do ?

Hope their local mutual aid group come a knocking ... especially for the millions WITHOUT Internet access ?
Can I draw your attention to Michael's latest locked post on this subject.
I have written to suggest unlocking it so that all the posts can be read together.
(Merging this post with that one might be another idea).
Logical ... and seconded.

4 weeks in and only now a letter goes out ???

Then the practical problems of identifying yourself as " Vulnerable " , especially online ???

Personal data being given to a supermarket ?

Sunnydiposition a classic example ?
Where I live people are mostly 80+ there are few of us pre pension age. Nearly everyone has now got home delivery. I have to wait until the last hour before closing of a supermarket. As I provide most of the daily care in the mornings. And can't make the dedicated one hour early mornings. Which I do disagree with anyway. Asking the vulnerable and carers to mix together. And stand in queues what every the weather. I will be honest there are some individuals. Who don't met the Government guidelines re: health check list. But due to their age have been given on line shopping slots. I do not blame these people and am glad they have found a solution. And I think we will find there are too many of us. To open up home delivery slots. To under pension age registered disabled and carers claiming carers allowance. To gain on line shopping slots.

It's just like the total number of care homes. There are far more disabled and carer than the Government seem to grasp. You would have thought the DWP would be advising. The Government at the vast number of people in this category.

For DLA and PIP we have to constantly prove. The people we care for are unwell, unfit and disabled. And fill in page after page of why we are apply for benefits. But in this crisis we are not now in that vulnerable group.
Dean, I was not telling you or anyone else whether it was or wasn't ok to use food after its use or best before date. I was referring to possible ways of using and or storing a pound of chicken., given that the chicken was properly cooked before you eat it!

It is simply unnecessary to shop every single day for fresh meat. And even more unrealistic to expect a volunteer shopper to deliver fresh daily.

I do agree that the groceries should all be within date at the time of delivery!
Farming association warns 'food will rot in the fields' unless 80,000 farm labour vacancies are filled - as chartered flight of around 180 Romanian fruit pickers is due to land at Stansted tomorrow

Farmers have appealed for more British workers to sign-up for farming jobs.

Around 32,000 Brits signed up, though only 4,000 have interviewed for jobs.

There are fears that crops could rot unless more volunteers are urgently found.

Boeing 737 charter plane is arriving tomorrow with about 180 Romanian workers.

An unnamed food producer chartered the plane, thought to be the first of six.

Under Brexit , low skilled workers were to be barred from the UK.

Even with coronavirus raging , will they still be needed in the months / years ahead ???
Common sense has prevailed.
Wasn't the UKs basis for leaving supposed to have been given to Europe by June/July? What are your odds on that happening?
Yep ... given the new lessons to be learned from coronavirus ... eventually ... many things will change out there
in the coming years as we sweep up the mess left over ... both in casaulties caused by coronavirus , and the
many more as an indirect result.

Even our high streets ... more names will have disappeared for good , leaving only the essentials relatively
undamaged ... more focus will be on online deliveries to cut costs of operating bricks and mortar stores.
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