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I did my usual Sunday weekly shop yesterday at Sainsburys @ 2:00 pm ish, a small queue outside, (took less than ten minutes to get in) pleasantly quiet inside, still shortages of rice, pasta and passata, but there was some of all available, chicken is making a bit of a comeback too, no flour to be seen. Boxes of Merlot were back in stock thank God. There was no queue at all when I came out at 3:00 pm ish.

I went to Tesco in the morning as I always do to stock up on baccy and also got a 3kg bag of Basmati Rice. Both shops had toilet paper, the shelves were looking far more normal, but still a few blank spaces.
The post code lottery continues :
Key workers 'turned away': Carer and NHS worker say they couldn't get in to Aldi priority shopping slot while surgery staff member says she was refused entry to Tesco because she worked at 'just a GP practice.'

Marion Kilmurray 'denied' priority access to Aldi in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire.

Frustrated carer filmed a tearful video begging for carers to be treated properly.

Hospital worker says supermarket worker in Liverpool snatched her NHS pass.

The security guard allegedly told Belinda Brown she had wrong type of pass.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... count.html
Have resigned myself to not being able to get any online shopping slots now

Tesco has just emailed my hubby to say they now have the clinically vulnerable list from the government and they have been able to match the list to 75 %, of their existing customers.

So despite the fact as myself being in the vulnerable group who are told to stay in for three months I cannot any longer get online shopping.

Government shouldn't have it both ways it's ridiculous!

Our last slot is in two weeks time.

Forgotten about carer again with underlying health condition. Like many others on this site.

Just hope a volunteer if I can get one will accept paypal for payment as so difficult to ring bank.

Are there not going to be slots for vulnerable carers?

Carers UK can you assist please? We should be able to do online shopping. If we get the virus who's going to step in and look after our carees

I dont see anyone queuing up!
Been to Waitrose and Adli's tonight. Mostly staff got everything I needed for the next two weeks.
That list again ... thousands ?

Make that millions as previously estimated ?

Coronavirus : Thousands missed off government's 'high risk' list.

Thousands of people have been missed off the government's high risk list for Covid-19 despite meeting the criteria.

Among them have been transplant patients, people with asthma and some with rare lung diseases.

Many are worried it will affect their ability to access food and medical supplies as they shield from the virus, unable to leave their homes for at least 12 weeks.

Supermarkets have been using the list to give priority to vulnerable customers, meaning those not included have already missed out on opportunities for which they would have been eligible.


Perhaps not for the Official " list ... hundreds of thousands now waiting for the first payment from UC ( An advance payment will only shift the problem down to the next months ) / readjusting
to a much lower income ?

Cutting expenditure ... drip by drip ... cutting income ... almost instantaneous for many ?

Falling between the crack ... enough money to eat / not immediately eligible for the food banks ?
Isn't this yet another example for the need for a carers card?
As not all carers get CA, a scandal, everyone receiving a disability benefit could be sent a card instead, for them to hand to their carer?
The government keeps telling us to stay at home, I have tried constantly to get a delivery date or even a click and collet. The length of time that I have spent trying has been having an effect on my Open University studies. My brother is disabled and nearly 70,and I have just been diagnosed with a heart problem , but it makes no difference. Luckily by chance last night I was able to order one of the boxes from Morrisson's. You don't have a choice of what it contains, but it is for two people for one week. Delivery on Thursday. Has anyone else had one of these boxes?
Might be a good time to compare against a standard food bank parcel ( Thanks Trussells ... again ) ... PRIOR TO the lockdown :

A typical food parcel includes:

Tinned tomatoes/ pasta sauce
Lentils, beans and pulses
Tinned meat
Tinned vegetables
Tinned fruit
UHT milk
Fruit juice

Many food banks also provide essential non-food items such as toiletries and hygiene products.

Bread ... some food banks will include it , a few will provide ethnic alternatives.

If you are lucky enough , Polish bread !
Coronavirus : Tesco tells people to visit stores to get food.

Tesco has said that most food will still need to be purchased in-store amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The supermarket giant said it wasn't able to meet demand as more shoppers stay at home, despite the fact it has increased its online grocery shopping capacity by more than 20%.

It said in the first weeks of the virus, there was "significant panic buying", with sales up almost a third.

Tesco said that had now subsided with food stocks "returning to normal".

"Between 85% and 90% of all food bought will require a visit to a store and here significant changes to the store environment have been implemented to maximise safety for colleagues and customers," chief executive Dave Lewis said.

The chain said it would continue to try and "prioritise home delivery for the most vulnerable in society".

Mixed messages there then. Food, and therefore shopping, is so important to any housebound person.
I've said previously that lots of people don't need charity, they just need someone to sort out their shopping for them.
Surely those who are furloughed should have to do some community service??
My son is working his socks off at work, working for the council, he's getting really miffed that he's working harder than ever whilst some people are getting 80% of their salary for doing nothing!
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