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hi we are getting messages from tesco about they are trying to support the people that are worse off ,but how do they know unless you contact online shops and tell them you have to self isolate , we have tried to do online shop but waiting 3 to 4 weeks for delivery , the only option i had was to go and get some food my self and then strip of and shower when i came back in or else we would run out of food
Am I the only one who notes that supermarkets are allowing elderly and disabled to shop at about the least popular, desirable time when no one else would typically want to, all in the name of community service?

My local area Facebook page has published details of local volunteer groups prepared to get groceries and prescriptions to those unable to get out.


I had an email from West Midlands transport. We can use bus passes before 9.30 during this crisis. To be honest we could pay £1 if needed to go out early anyway. Perhaps others will follow suit. Personally I am not using the bus at the moment, but I realise that others have no choice.
bowlingbun wrote:
Thu Mar 19, 2020 5:47 pm
Many of us don't need to have free food from a food bank, just a way of getting the food we need.
It is possibly the most stressful aspect of looking after my Wife and Mum. Ensuring I have food and cleaning materials. Govt seems reluctant to address the issue, pleading with people to do the right thing is not working
I did have an online delivery this week and last - but lots of items missing. This week we had 11 subs and 14 items not available. I usually do an online shop weekly - but have had to visit various shops in the hope of getting items. With everyone having to shop more often, the shops will be the most likely place to pick up the virus.

Over Easter I cannot get a slot and S will not cope with busy shops and will panic about empty shelves. I can't leave him alone to shop either. I am going to have to try and find someone to help us either that we know or someone voluntary. He is gluten intolerant and I can't find his bread flour either. I agree Norman, obtaining basic household and food items - is very stressful.

I've just looked on line, and seems you can get some gluten free flour from some companies. I've no idea on the regular price of it so may prove very expensive?
Your stress levels are hitting the roof! ((( Hugs)))
I'll attempt to do my usual shop on Sunday afternoon and see how it goes, it's Sainsburys this week and I hope they have more in stock than Tesco did yesterday. I did call in to our local Farm shop today, it was much busier than usual but I did buy two lots of sausages, minced beef and some braising steak, not much chicken available, just some packs of legs.
Pet, it needs to be GF bread flour - I had no luck on line. Please PM any links you have found. Each loaf uses a 1lb of flour.

I was talking to my son on the phone last night, he is predicting a petrol/diesel shortage in the not too distant future.

He does tend towards the doom and gloom side of things, but he does work at producing the stuff and this was how he explained it to me.

The crude oil that comes off the large tankers is processed in a Fractionating Column, all of the fuel used for anything will be made from this they are just drawn off at different stages of the process. The first fuel to come off, i.e. the fuel that needs the least treatment is the aeroplane fuel.

No-one is flying anywhere, so no-one needs aircraft fuel to be made, there's a limit to how much can be stored on the refinery and if they don't make aircraft fuel then they won't be making any other fuel that comes off the FC after the Aircraft fuel.

Happy Days. :roll:
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