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Aldi to sell food online for first time from this Friday

Food parcels will contain 22 items and will sell for £24.99
Aldi is now offering home food delivery for the first time ever in a bid to help people through the coronavirus lockdown.

The supermarket will sell food parcels in the UK from its sites from Friday, April 17

The parcels will contain 22 essential products including tinned soup, rice and pasta as well as antibacterial handwash and a four-pack of toilet roll.

The move marks the first time Aldi has sold groceries online outside of its 'special buys', which are available on a first come, first served basis each week.

The parcels are designed for elderly and vulnerable customers.
https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/whats-o ... st-4052124


Anybody else had problems with packaging being damaged on food delivered from supermarkets?

The other day the plastic container with the vegetables had been cut in a large v shape under cardboard wrapper.

Today a meat product has been damaged blood all over other shopping. I was so busy cleaning this one up I didn't stop to see how it had been damaged .

We have had other problems too with damaged packaging.

This is quite unusual as it was a very rare occurance pre corona.

Having to contact store again now re this one today.

Hubby trying to contact store. He's just been cut off before he even spoke..he is trying again.
We managed to get the supermarket to deliver this afternoon to replace those items.

Being firm works as initially they just wanted to give a refund!
Good job, Cloudygal. Just wish you hadnt needed to complain.
Thanks Rosemary
My HuI am a carer for my Husband,who has terminal cancer, & other issues.I also have osteoarthritis & severe Arthritis. But my Hubby has had a letter,but as I am the one who does all the shopping ,as my Hubby doesn't have a computer, so why cant these supermarkets wake up.Also ,who want to get up if your elderly? Most carers are getting clients up.Surely wouldn't it be better for all supermarkets to have 3 full days set aside for key workers ,carers & the elderly to shop?? Regards Amandah
Hi Amanda, sorry you are having shopping problems, as you will see from the rest of the thread - there are a lot of us. Hubby needs to be shielded and you should therefore be self-isolating. Although you do the main shop, hubby 'should' be on the government's list of the very vulnerable. Have you had a letter to say this?

Check here https://digital.nhs.uk/coronavirus/shie ... tient-list to see if hubby is on the list and follow the links to register for help.

Hi There Yes we have had a letter from the Government, & I am putting gloves & mask on to give my hubby food,then I come upstairs, & keep away.But he watches TV while I chill my anxiety! I know people are rushed off their feet ,but it should be the whole property. That are vulnerable. We also have carers as well twice a day!! But again they put gloves on & masks & aprons.!! Regards Amanda h
HI Amanda,

since hubby is on the very vulnerable list, you should get help to have food delivered, though admittedly this does seem to be better organised in some areas than others. Have you registered: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus-extremely-vulnerable ?

Glad to hear the Care workers are using PPE whilst caring for hubby.

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