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Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
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Our local Waitrose is going to have 7.30-8.30 am shopping dedicated to the elderly and vulnerable.
First problem, who has carers at that time of the morning!!
Not much good either if you don't have transport.
The principle of herding a lot of elderly and disabled people together seems to be a recipe for spreading the virus?

Surely a better idea would be to have some online shopping slots dedicated only for elderly and vulnerable, and those who are self isolating?
I'm sure lots of people booking slots in advance are just the lazy and greedy who want to get first picking of everything.

Our local Tesco could manage to do the elderly and disabled first idea today, apparently the queue for shopping went out the car park and down the road, 250 yards from the car park entrance.

Otherwise, get Social Services to issue some kind of pass for shoppers?

Any other ideas welcome???
https://www.carersuk.org/forum/44/look- ... port-40013

Already , in several areas , locals have taken over the supplying of vulnerable persons through several schemes ... in some , local branches
of the supporting charities are working together to fill the gap left by the local authorities.

( Locally , volunteer hospital transport drivers have joined in getting supplies to the needy. )

Some shops / supermarkets now have similar schemes to how they supply the local food banks.

Best to check your own area for such groups through an internet search ... ( Area ) Coronavirus Support Groups ... Facebook another major source.

AGE UK will also provide details of any groups coming to their attention.
Many of us don't need to have free food from a food bank, just a way of getting the food we need.
Surely a better idea would be to have some online shopping slots dedicated only for elderly and vulnerable, and those who are self isolating?
but remember BB that a lot of elderly people don't have a computer and so can't access online shopping - they need to be able to get their essentials too. At least by the supermarkets putting aside that first hour or two in the morning the shelves should all be freshly stocked so that the elderly should be able to get all they need quickly without having to compete with those idiots who are only intent on taking care of "number one".

A number of supermarkets have said (in the emails they are sending to their online shoppers) that they are prioritising their delivery slots for the elderly and those who are self isolating.

(Personally I don't 'do' online shopping but that's through choice !)

I don't think that Bill was advocating that the elderly should be getting their food from food banks (unless they need to of course) but was highlighting that there are now many schemes in place in different communities whereby local residents are volunteering to collect shopping for those unable to get out. Two of my own neighbours have already said that if I have problems to let them know and they will get shopping for me :)
It's safer for the elderly to do their shopping online, if they can't do it themselves then a volunteer could help them by doing it with their own tablet or similar.
Correct Susie.

Ordering online ?

Almost all the majors now have a 3 / 4 / 5 week wait for a delivery slot.

Changes afoot to prioritize the elderly / needy ... not aware of any changes to the charges / minimum orders for home delivery ?

Only yesterday , Ocado suspended their online delivery service due to excess demand.

One reason why the local communities are creating mini task forces to surmount practice problems like shopping.

All major players now have the earlier hour opening for the elderly ... locally , it's been sparsely used as pensioners in this area are of the low income variety ,
no free public transport before 9.30 am does not help.

Hardly joined up thinking / planning ?

In addition , no guarantee of necessities being available at that time of the day ... constant deliveries through out the day being the new norm.

Potatoes ... on my fourth visit on Tuesday , first at 8.10 am , purchased 2 kgs. of whites at 9.25 pm from ASDA.
I made an unscheduled trip to Tesco this afternoon, I was running low on nicotine supplies and had planned to go tomorrow, along with a trip to the library, but I got a text message to say that a prescription was ready for my wife so I called in on the way home from my walk.

There were still no toilet rolls, and today there was no meat in the fridges either. They did have cakes. :whistle:

Sainsburys locally also opened early this morning for the elderly. According to the local news on google, there was traffic queueing for a long way back from the actual store, I'll bet that was popular at the start of the rush hour!.

A quote from one old lady there:- M*** P*****, 81, added: "I don't really know why I'm here to be honest - I am just joining in with everyone else I suppose. I'm going to buy some soup but I've already got some at home."

You're not helping M***.
Ayjay, apparently the queue for Tesco in NM this morning went out of the car park to the roundabout on the main road! I bought a lovely freshly cooked loaf in Morrison's about 2pm. I need some more eggs tomorrow to make an Easter Cake, and some bread flour before Good Friday for the hot cross buns which are a family tradition. According to my neighbour the shop in NM that you take your own containers to is well stocked.
My caree's used to have shopping services but it was stopped and were encouraged to do online ordering, some neighbours helped if the caree's didn't have internet.
All worked fine.
Now dependent on online ordering, but no slots, are going to the local shops but they have been cleared, bread, milk etc.
Yes Supermarkets are doing elderly/disabled priority but the disabled transport has been cut.

Do the councils really realise or care what is happening, the paid carers are not allowed to get shopping for clients, many don't have family to help.
It's a real struggle.
Hopefully it will all get back to normal next week or the week after, there is only so much you can stockpile.


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