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Random acts of kindness during lockdown - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Random acts of kindness during lockdown

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
It was exactly the same during the last war, for those here who can remember it.
Whenever humanity faces a common threat to all, they help each other, more friendly
in the street to strangers etc.
When the Aliens invade Earth it will be the same...…STAY ALERT. Watch the skies. :)
Melly1 wrote:
Mon May 11, 2020 9:49 pm
An anonymous person left some GF self raising flour on our doorstep for S and we have no idea who it was.

Thank you, if it was YOU!

Melly,that is so cool.I hope you're both going to make some fantastic cakes with it:)
I hope someone leaves me some anonymous gifts.A box of Marks and Spencers chocolate biscuits would be very welcome if anyone is reading.Definitely the way to my heart.Is funny you posted that as I was only thinking the other day how cool it would be if people started leaving each other anonymous gifts on their doorstep.
I have a box of books outside my house for people to help themselves. A few have gone. Several others in the village have done the same and I have taken a couple from other boxes!

I have an older friend who has cancer and can’t go out so I ring her every so often to see if she needs anything as she lives alone. Her immediate neighbours get her shopping so she is OK but she enjoys chatting. She had to get someone to come and cut her hedge on the front as she was feeling very claustrophobic. At least now she can see people walking or cycling past.

I have also crocheted a few ear savers for care home and NHS workers. They are like a little strap which you put between the loops on your mask to take the pressure off back of ears.
I received a grocery box yesterday from a friend who lives in the same building. She dropped it off sometime during the afternoon when I was busy. It was full of fresh fruit like tomatoes etc from the farmer market.
My other good friend who lives in another part of town came by in her car earlier this week and brought me some more picture books for the kids. I think that you are totally right too. I could literally type a mini essay on this topic as well.
These unexpected but heartwarming acts of kindnesses should not be unnoticed either as they help to send the message which is people do and can still care about each other. That is not a bad thing after all isnt it? In this day and age, we still need to show kindness to one another. It always makes me smile when I see a act of kindness.
There is an elderly gent who sits on a bench on our local high street (and whom I'm never sure if he is homeless or not) we always say hello to him on our walks and often have a laugh with him; this afternoon he insisted we had a slice of takeaway cake today - someone must have bought him a meal (confirming my suspicions). Now busy thinking what we could take him next time we pass - as queuing to buy him something isn't possible with S.

My neighbour mowed my garden, front and back whilst I've been away. How nice is that?,
We are only 3 in our household and got a leg of lamb for last weeks Sunday dinner (cant quite get online quantities right yet) so I offered plate of it to elderly neighbour on our left. She thanked us with a bottle of wine and flap jacks.
This week we also did a plate for neighbour opposite who responded with bottle of wine, as did the left hand neighbour again.
Next week, if we get a joint, I want to include right hand neighbour too but am terrified that will bring us up to 3 bottles! I wish they would just accept a plate of food that is no trouble and very little cost to us. We only doing it once a week when the joint is big enough
Lamb is one of my favourites although I prefer the shoulder.Am suddenly longing for roast lamb and mint sauce.

I hope people continue to be kind to each other after this unusual time is over but I have my doubts.Let's make the best of it.
Somebody posted some cake through my letterbox on monday.That's a first.Maybe people should replace catflaps with cakeflaps during the lockdown.

Have been really kinda low lately so the cake was welcome.It was carrot cake with buttercream in if anyone is interested
Ohe of the local GPs, who was off on maternity leave for a long time, makes rhubarb cake and delivers it to those shielding.