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Random acts of kindness during lockdown - Carers UK Forum

Random acts of kindness during lockdown

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
Thought it would be nice to have a positive thread about the Corona Virus..

What are some of the kind things that people have done for you during this time or you have even done yourself?One of our neighbours made a few of us an apple crumble the other day.Words can't express how much I love apple crumble.I also had a friend send me a lovely turtle pin/brooch as she makes things herself and sells them on Etsy.com.
I supply my elderly neighbour different Items throughout the week. If I buy a cake and tart etc. I always give him a slice. He's loving it. He states I am giving him some lovely products to try. He thinks it's better than Christmas. I gave him a portion of ginger yogurt and he said" it's the best yogurt I've ever tried".

He's tasted different types of biscuits and ice-creams. If all we have at the moment is the luxury of tasting something nice. So be it.

It's better than swapping recipes.LOL

Today, he gave me a box of lindt chocolates one of my favourites.
Friends and friends of friends are keeping us supplied with the special GF bread flour I need to make S's bread flour and a lovely lady and her teenage children do our family shop for us each week.

In turn, S and I are delivering food bank parcels each afternoon.

My neighbours keep in touch. I ask them if they need anything when I get a slot for on line shop. In turn they ask me if I need anything when they do their weekly shop. I have a list from my friend, who has health issues, to add to my own shopping. I don't consider that random kindness to be honest. It's not a problem to me to add on to my shopping, I m not carrying it home. She is a good friend, and didn't shy away when hubby was really ill then died.
My neighbours are good even in ' normal' times. We do things for each other as much as we can. Am fortunate.
Nice to hear from you again, Undermyduvet. I know you have been through a bad time, and now that your circumstances have changed you need to face this lockdown like everyone else. It is good that you are experiencing some positive aspects.

Yes, it is great to know that there is a lot of goodwill to help us through this difficult period. One aspect I have noted is the huge increase in conferencing over the Internet. We can join in a Church service each Sunday, courtesy of the Zoom application. It is the next best thing to actually attending Church and we have the conviviality of singing hymns together. Another group to which I belong is holding weekly Internet meetings during this lockdown. It is great that we are able to do this. This helps us to keep in touch in other respects, so we can offer a helping hand if we find someone is in difficulty.
Sunny disposition,sounds like your elderly neighbour is having the time of his life.Am not sure about ginger yogurt though.

Denis,Thanks for your post.I haven't really said that much about my current cirumstances,just that I have left the home so bit confused by your reply.The lockdown doesn't faze me as I have been indoors a lot for some time before the lockdown.Everyone has to face the lockdown wherever they are.
yes, we have been going through all of Waitrose desserts. Lush!
Ooh..Waitrose seem to do some nice stuff.We don't have one that close to us but I remember they do quality food.
An anonymous person left some GF self raising flour on our doorstep for S and we have no idea who it was.

Thank you, if it was YOU!

There's a lot of people leaving boxes of books or toys outside their house, free help yourself.

So that's good, I read a lot but cannot access books at the moment, charity shops are closed.