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public toilets

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the goverment is allowed cafes to open as part of ending the lockdown due to covid 19 , but public toilets are closed due to social distanceing so where do you go to the toilet when needed , if you have to use a bush then you have the risk of being fined or seen by another member of the public . you can say go to the toilet before you leave your house but if you have got bladder issues then you have a more of a problem ..

This is truly disgusting and just one of many reasons I am not venturing further afield right now .

Pointless opening cafes etc if no loos open...its just asking for trouble
I just can't think of my nearest public toilet, there isn't one, so what are people supposed to do, anyone can get caught short, workers, postmen, what are they supposed to do?

The pubs are shut so you can't just nip into a pub, luckily big supermarkets are open so can use them, that s what we do.

But it is a disgrace in general so many places don't have toilets accessable to disabled/wheelchair users, just go up/down the steps.

And the so called disabled toilets in some places, it's like peeing in a wardrobe as one person put it.
In the past if I went to a place without toilets I took a plastic container with a good close fitting lid
with me. Sat in the car and did it in that. I labelled it, 'Pee soup.'
You can get I think its called a she wee for women but still need somewhere private and not easy to use for disabled.

Men yes we can just use a bottle or find a handy tree.
We went to a huge local beach last week and it was no problem social isolating. However, the small toilet block was locked and people were going into the bushes and sand dunes to ‘toilet’ themselves. We stayed 3 hours and then we started needing the loo and there was no way we were going to squat in the dunes so we left and on the way home used the supermarket toilets.

Councils really need to sort this out.
i will agree with users and find it hard to understand why goverment has told everyone to go out etc if the toilets are not open and councils wont open them due to social distanceing . if your man or woman you still need to do you buisness in private
i have written of to the local mp and local paper about this issue ..

this is my response to mp

Hello I was just like to ask if you have any views over the issue of public toilets as the government has started to open lockdown and cafes are opening up but no toilets to use. I done a Web chat with local council today regarding toilets and it seems its down to social distancing but if people need the toilet when they are out where are they suppose to go. I see on the news that people are using places like the beach to use as a toilet which would cause health issues. So why has the government has told cafes to open if people can't use the toilet it's OK to go before you leave your house but if you have bladder issues then you have a another problem. The local council can't help so are we suppose to mess our self's or act like animals
Its totally disgraceful the lack of available toilets anyway and now this. I had an argument with someone from the council about this and they were saying they couldn't ensure peoples safety due to the CV. and it would be putting their staff at risk. Well the supermarkets are managing o.k. and have the toilets open.
So people are just expected to toilet in the bushes or down alleys etc? that's terrible and its worse than in Victorian times. Basically places want your money but they don't want to provide the basic services that go with cafes, food places etc.
A delivery man came to my house and said that things were very bad for them,if they need to go then they have to get in the queue outside the supermarket.They cant just nip in to use the toilets, that's long gone.
Hi to all Carers

I managed to take my Son for a drive one day a week, for the past 3 weeks to the sea front for a walk. There are many seats along this stretch so if he gets too wobbly, he can sit and rest then move on; it's good for his rehabilitation.

With the weather being nice there were many people on the beach and along the walk way and in the
main most people kept to the social distancing.

However the Council in our area got their priorities right again, NOT!!! The toilets were locked even the disabled one BUT wait for it; the traffic wardens were out in force!!!!!

What traffic wardens were NOT doing, was stopping many adults riding their bikes at speed along the crowded pavement! There were the elderly with frames taking in the air, alongside Mum's with buggies and toddlers walking alongside, people like my Son with walking sticks/disabilities. NOTHING is done to stop this, so with trying to keep distance one was having to keep looking all around in case there was a collision with a bike.

Beside being badly injured, if anyone was hurt, then they would have to burden our already overworked NHS! I cannot understand why this is ignored and is allowed to continue!

I have to agree with all everyone has written here.

I took a urinal in the car with a large bath towel in case my Son needed it, after his stroke these functions are not as controllable. I however had to drive home desperate to spend a penny!

Despite shops opening soon, I'm sure there will be many like myself who won't be able to use them due to the toilets being closed. Also with having to queue this only adds to the problem as shopping take longer doesn't it!
I remember reading a post comparing Covid-19 to Glitter. Once you get a bit of glitter on you it's everywhere and takes days to get rid off..
Would any sane person actually be willing to sit on a public toilet in the knowledge maybe a hundred people had used it before them, maybe two at least had Covid-19? I'd rather wet myself.

This is why public toilets are closed....