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Piers Morgan's defence of care homes - Carers UK Forum

Piers Morgan's defence of care homes

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I can't stand Piers Morgan as a rule, usually prefer to wake up gently with the BBC.

However, Piers Morgan is currently doing a brilliant job challenging the government over their handling of the pandemic in relation to care homes, and the issue of Social Care versus NHS (Continuing Healthcare) funding has just been touched on. He won't be fobbed off, and Sir Keir Starmer is also asking some very awkward questions too.

About time someone spoke up in defence of care home residents. We know here how keen hospitals are to get rid of elderly patients with very little concern about them, concerned only about getting their bed back!!
I missed this but will see if I can find it on catchup. I can’t bear Piers Morgan. he is rude and overbearing and doesn’t allow guests or his co-presenters to get a word in.
Exactly, but he is really wound up about the way the elderly were discharged to care homes with the virus, infecting all the other residents, because the hospitals wanted to free up their beds so they didn't get overwhelmed with virus patients, the way care homes couldn't get PPE etc. from providers because they'd been told to redirect it to the NHS instead. Apparently a staggering 22,000 people have now died as a result?!
I'll certainly be watching tomorrow, because once he gets hold of a subject, he's like a dog with a bone.
He's saying our elderly deserved respect and proper treatment. I agree totally, so I'll be watching tomorrow.

What time is the programme on? I am going to record it.

I think he is well justified in what he has said.

It is totally shocking what has happened in care homes.
The Breakfast TV programme. Don't have a TV Times to say when it starts, I think it's 6-9am. I think I saw it from 7.30am.
Thanks I will record it
Is really messed up what happend with the care homes.You can have nightmares when you read some of the statistics.

I think in hospitals the doctors are answerable to some of the managers so under pressure to discharge patients to free up beds etc and were probably more so during that time.Not that that makes it okay.Is a shame their wasn't more of the Nightingale/temporary type hospitals back then to take some of the patients.
Apparently the Emergency Committee making all the decisions was ALL MALE!!!

This is the 21st Century for heavens sake, how can the women in government have allowed this to happen? When 50% of the population are male, and 50% female, there is much to gain from having the viewpoint of both sexes.

Did no one realise that the kids have to go back to school before their mothers, working women with school age children, can go back to work???

I'm disgusted. Maybe this committee didn't know enough about care homes as they should have done, but 22,000 deaths have resulted.
Piers Morgan only seems interested in attacking and blaming the cabinet ministers and his interview technique is raw ego.

Much more serious in my opinion are the actions of the various trusts in dumping patients with C-19 back into care homes ill equipped to look after them. Spreading the virus into the homes..

A residential care home is not a medical facility, it is assisted living, the staff are not nurses. They are not hospices but even hospices are not equipped to deal with infectious patients.

Much of this scandal has to be documented because far from containing the virus the hospital trusts have created a perfect storm in the care homes and thousands of deaths have been the result.
Vince, you are absolutely correct in what you say about "care homes".
There are two types of residential home.
Care homes are for those who are old, but can get around, wash themselves, walk to the dining room etc. They are not required to have qualified nursing staff at all.
NURSING homes are required to have a qualified nurse on duty at all times, to direct their staff, who may or may not be nurses. They should be able to care for any patient with medical needs, with very few exceptions. Mum's home said they could deal with everything apart from someone needing a drip, or with uncontrollable bleeding.

To discharge a poorly patient to a care home, was irresponsible. They wouldn't normally need to provide hands on care at all, so they shouldn't have been expected to need or buy their own PPE.