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Now we are to have end of life care thrust upon us? - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

Now we are to have end of life care thrust upon us?

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
Michael - apologies if I have missed it but I don't seem to have received a response yet (I think you kindly said you would send me a message once you had back from Carers UK?). Sorry if I have misunderstood,

My father has now had one negative test for the Coronavirus and we are just waiting for them to undertake another test (to ensure it wasn't a false positive). Then he should be discharged - am really nervous about whether we will get the help and support we need. Things are so crazy at the moment - and as other have said the normal rules and guidance just dont seem to be being applied...
Hi Faye, I am pleased your father has tested negative.

Am I correct in thinking that neither the hospital, nor LA has assessed your home yet for what your father will need?

Hope Michael will contact you soon.
Hello Faye. I'm glad to hear that your father has tested negative for coronavirus.

I did contact our Helpline again after your last response but unfortunately there wasn't any further advice that they could provide. I'm sorry, I don't think I followed up with you again at the time.

I'll contact you by private message regarding any advice or support we can provide on the discharge process. I hope all goes well with this.


Thank you for your message. My father has been admitted to hospital many times over the years so I am aware of what the discharge procedure is meant to be (even though, especially in the current circumstances. the guidance frequently isn't followed). The reason I said I am terrified is. because my father is nearing the end of his life and I am concerned that there isn't the usual support in place that would normally be provided when someone is dying at home (eg palliative care, GP visits etc). This thread referred to us having end of life care thrust upon us , referencing many media articles suggesting this may happen, and yes I am concerned about how I or many others will cope in such circumstances.

You said in your message to me that Carers Uk cant provide any more advice than they did in your email above. That is disappointing but not surprising- these are difficult issues and it does feels that unpaid carers are just being left alone with limited support or voice with which to challenge some of the madness coming from Govt , local authorities and the NHS. We are just left as usual to fend alone . Thank goodness we have the kindness and support of other carers on the forum -they really are a lifeline fir which I and I am sure many others are grateful. Thank you to the unpaid carers for their support.