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Carers £500 Welsh Government Special Payment - Carers UK Forum

Carers £500 Welsh Government Special Payment

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Hey Guys,

I've been trying to find any answers about this 'payment'.
The Welsh government say they are doing everything in their power to try to avoid the payment getting lost to tax and national insurance.

But the question I have is, most of us carers are sole carers and that isn't enough to survive on its own. So we get Universal Credit aswell.

Claiming Universal Credit will be effected by this payment so there is no way of getting it. How is this meant to be a reward if we actually can't receive it.
I really hope I am wrong but I am not sure unpaid carers are covered/eligible for this scheme.

Is this the one?

https://gov.wales/social-care-workforce ... tion-47873
Volunteers and unpaid carers are not included in this scheme, which is aimed at paid employees of registered care services. They are not eligible for the payment.
Isn't that just rubbing it in further. Family carers get left to care sometimes 168 hours for nothing, but PAID carers get EXTRA!!??!!
Honey Badger is correct in saying that unpaid carers are not covered by the scheme. Once again those of us that have cared for family with little or no time for ourselves and kept them safe during the pandemic have been forgotten about.
Wow that is horrible that they haven't included unpaid carers :(. How can they do that!!

I'm unpaid but claim UC, but fortunately I work 10 hours a week as a carer also. I was hoping someone here could help, I never intended to insult or offend anyone
Im guessing the answer is no, but if you are a carer in England is there a grant available ?
No offence taken here, Dennis. I hadn’t realised that you also work as a carer and I’m unfortunately unable to answer your question. Maybe give the Carers UK helpline a call and see if they can help.
Dennis_2006 wrote:
Wed Aug 26, 2020 2:57 pm
I never intended to insult or offend anyone
No absolutely not! you have neither insulted or offended anyone at all we're all about the love :)

My initial reply was in the context of applying for the grant as an unpaid carer, clearly as you have part time employment as a paid care-worker as well this changes things.. though I think your initial concerns about universal credit are spot on. I understand the Welsh government has also been pleading with the UK treasury not to make the money taxable as well and well frankly... if Universal Credit fell into a barrel of boobs it would come out sucking its thumb, do not under estimate what a complete dumpster fire that is :D

You will need to check how your employment role is defined versus the criteria on the scheme's website as its not a straight forward thing, I've actually just looked through the list and its certainly not a blanket scheme at all, almost like it was thrown out there as an act of self-promotion really.. as all those groups mentioned deserve it eligible or not

I think it might be worth approaching citizens advice or a similar reputable organization with more localised knowledge for this sort of thing as it is likely you are one of many asking the same question regarding eligibility.

I hope you get it though :)

Best wishes and stay safe
Phew I thought I had offended you, I'm thankful for the replies.

I'm sorry that unpaid carers are not getting this and I'm fortunate to be a full time carer and get paid as a carer separate.

But now if I claim this I have asked UC and they said it goes through as earnings, I won't be worse off but I won't be better off. If I accept it I lose my UC for the month so it's not really a bonus ... I'm really torn what to do. I with they send it another way and not through earnings.