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New care badge announced today by the health secretary - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

New care badge announced today by the health secretary

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
I have just emailed my MP regarding unpaid Carers.

I am starting my own campaign - likely to last three years.

I am just off for a walk but can post a quote or two later.

After some success this week and recently I am spurred into action!
If anything I should apologise. Its just immensely frustrating to know how difficult it is for many here right now, yet to see politician and other public mouthpieces crying from the hilltops in true pat on the back circle jerk motion what a good job they are doing in looking after those who are vulnerable, the level of injustice is sickening to where it makes your stomach sink knowing the truth of the matter.

That doesn't fall on you though, or anyone else here.. don't ever say sorry, as far as I'm concerned your angels.

Take care
Cloudygal wrote:
Wed Apr 15, 2020 11:54 pm
Honey Badger

I'm so sorry that you feel so bad.

I wish there was a better way for all of us.

The rich are certainly not going to pay for this.

In the end it will be us.

But that won't stop me fighting for change

Our voice must be heard.

But not just heard..we need to be listened to.
Honey Badger

You have nothing to apologise for. It's how you feel, and you have valid reasons for feeling that way, and I agree with what you have said.

Today, I am feeling frustrated and upset with the government for their handling of this Pandemic.

They did not do enough to prepare .

Years of cuts on the NHS has left it in poor shape which is not going to have helped.

It saddens me greatly that lives have been (and will be) lost needlessly.

I am just hoping that loyal Conservative voters will , after this Pandemic, think more clearly what they are actually voting for.
Badge issue to one side, where it should stay.

I was never a fan of this current Gvt prior to this human disaster. Now I feel a mix of anger & dispair as to how they have completely miss managed the whole issue.
A Gvt that was hell bent on depriving The NHS of funds for the last ten years with adroit hypocrisy pretends now to be its best friend.

I feel the issue of PPE in synopsis illustrates the appalling way this Gvt has acted. Constant promises made that for one reason or another are not kept. In the meantime workers in the NHS and wider health settings are tasked with picking up the pieces born of failure.

Johnson flag waving for the NHS is particularity sickening. For under his Brexit policies a good portion of those fighting for others lives, with one hand behind there back would not be welcome in his Britain.
It's hypocrisy of the highest degree.

Now we clap for Care workers, and many of those that clap, voted for Johndons policies of division.

After all this ends, we need a better form of all inclusive politics in this country that truly values all.
Very well said. The government is forever talking down to the public, failing to recognise that some of us have a memory of more than 24 hours!