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New care badge announced today by the health secretary - Carers UK Forum

New care badge announced today by the health secretary

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I do not disagree with the health secretary's statement today to introduce a new badge for social care staff on par with NHS staff.

However, as a former home carer with over 15 years experience caring for family members at home: and a health professional, I am concerned.

I feel that once again this new initiative will only add to the low value associated with what the thousands of home carers do. Often carers are unseen, not paid, under valued and took for granted.

Why not give carers a level playing field with social care teams by raising the carers allowance to the living wage? If the government really values ALL who deliver social care. Give us our own badge and pay, thereby removing what will be a 3 tier system.
Well said.
A new card for paid carers?! Will go down well with the general public, no doubt. A cheap gimmick.

But what do I expect! Hoping the latest letter to government from 24 charities will change that.........

Soon it will be easier to shop with the general public, too many special cases for those special hours!

My thoughts exactly.

My heart sank as he announced that. We have been de-valued further.

Just after he announced that, when he said "and another thing..." I thought he was going to mention unpaid carers!...but no, of course not..it was something else entirely.
I'm sure CUK has some figures about the total number of unpaid carers there are in the country.
I wonder how many paid social carers there are?
I didn't see whole of broadcast...did they give pay rise for social care carers?
Pretty bad we are being left out of all this considering we are carrying the can for social care during this and it's unpaid who need the discounts more than anyone. Social care is an awful organisation as it is! So unhelpful and underhand.
No, no pay raises announced, but money given to councils to dish out to social care homes.

Although I feel the government has done a lot to support as many people and businesses as they can over this period, I did feel disappointed that, yet again unpaid carers get absolutely nothing, zip, nada.. :-??? Not even a blinking badge. :lol:

I think there should be a national register.
Agreed Patricia. Perhaps we ought to make our own badges , and masks and gowns!

Seriously, Carers UK, why not offer some car bumper stickers and badges for a small contribution, or free even? We need to become more PROACTIVE!

Spot on.

Agree..we indeed carry the can..as usual but more so now.