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Look online for locally provided support - Carers UK Forum

Look online for locally provided support

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support

We can all look after vulnerable people in this coronavirus crisis, but we need help

A newly established network of mutual aid groups across Britain aims to show the power of solidarity

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfr ... rus-crisis

It is worth looking on the internet and social media, to see what is happening / available locally
( place name ) CORONAVIRUS SUPPORT GROUPS. People willing to help with shopping, running social groups, ideas for activities etc
Yes..melly the support groups look very good as long as volunteers are thoroughly vetted.

They are providing very useful support from what I can see.

Makes you feel less alone.

Someone ran out of toilet roll and someone took some round,, that sort of thing.

Cant rely on social services to help us can we.

Oh people are also doing more shopping for people if they dont have things in for tea too etc.
I doubt volunteers are vetted. I think it is just a neighbourly thing from very kind people. People coming together in a crisis, some of the modern rules may just have to go so be careful and report anything you are not happy with to the group organiser or the police but remember everybody's resources may be stretched as their own staff find themselves in isolation.
Coronavirus : How to help the rural elderly ?


( One village ... repeat across low thousands of others ??? )
I guesse its possible they may not be able to take up references in time..however I am sure they will take what steps they can.

I have volunteered myself for any support I can give and I have been able to give references to them. And also i am DBS checked which they will also be able to double check.

In my area they are asking if people are DBS checked.

But you are right..it is wise to be careful .
Sharing this link: https://covidmutualaid.org/resources/

Top of the page menu you can find local groups
There are a lot of communities setting up groups to support anyone who needs help
I had a lovely person do shopping for me from my local group..I am in self isolation as underlying health issues.

Was amazing to get help from someone else for a change!

Communities across England are coming together in the coronavirus crisis.

BBC local radio stations have been speaking to local heroes as part of the Make a Difference campaign, which aims to keep communities connected during the outbreak.

All 39 BBC local radio stations have joined volunteer groups to help get messages across of support in local communities and in particular information that can help people who are most vulnerable or at risk.

Coronavirus : Volunteers flock to join community support groups.

More than 1,000 volunteer groups have been set up to help those self-isolating during the coronavirus outbreak.

A list and contact details for them all so far :

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... 1679997048

Only drawback ... unable to sort / search ... unless a reader can help ???