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Launch of 'Caring Behind Closed Doors' report - Carers UK Forum

Launch of 'Caring Behind Closed Doors' report

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
Dear Carers UK members

Carers UK has launched a report on our survey of carers' experiences during the coronavirus outbreak on the BBC 6pm news this evening. Unfortunately we were not able to inform you of this beforehand as the news was embargoed until 6.30pm. The report Caring Behind Closed Doors is based on what 5,000 carers and former carers have told us and I would like to say a big thank to everyone who completed the survey.

In the survey, you told us you were providing more care as well as spending more money than usual, on top of worrying about what might happen to the person you care for if they get ill. You also highlighted issues such as difficulties in accessing food and medicine, the impact of local services closing and not feeling that your caring role is recognised.

You can read the report here: http://www.carersuk.org/images/News_and ... _final.pdf

If you would like to share the report on social media please use the hashtag #CaringBehindClosedDoors

We really appreciate the time you took to fill in the survey and would welcome your comments within this thread. If you have any questions about any of the findings we will endeavour to answer them as quickly as we can.

Wishing you all well


Very well written report.

Sadly, brings it home just how difficult carers lives are, mine included.

Have forwarded it with an email to my MP.

No matter how hard hitting it is, and it is - it will be hard to get anyone to take notice.

But we must try!
Thank you Carers UK
Thanks for your comments so far.

Just after the BBC report was aired, The Guardian published the following article with key findings from the report.

Family carers in UK at breaking point as coronavirus closes support services
https://www.theguardian.com/society/202 ... t-services

We'll share other media coverage on the report with you during the day in the main topic on Carers UK media coverage during the coronavirus outbreak.
https://www.carersuk.org/forum/44/carer ... reak-40246

Thanks Michael

I do think the Government think because carers can claim carers allowance and work to the earning threshold. That all carers are in this position. Rather than understanding their are many who just receive the allowance. And are at home 24 & 7. Because the level of care they provide doesn't allow them to work outside the home.

And of course if you are in receipt of your state pension. Carers allowance not longer applies to you.

I think it's about time we had a tiered system. Of course the Government would properly say it too complicated. Given what the Government has already achieved in financing the rest of the public/country. Through the pandemic I would have thought this one to be quite an easy task.
Agreed, we have been fobbed off far too long. 35 hours is a week's work for the rest of the country. Carers on duty day and night, 168 hours a week, deserve far more. In theory via Direct Payments, but as LA's have constantly had their budgets cut by the government, they refuse to pay. The proper respect and funding of carers pay needs to be dealt with on a national basis, not left to local councils. Everyone is bleating about lockdown for a week or two. Some of us have been locked down for years! There also needs to be a longer period for people to receive A after a loved one dies or goes into long term care. It also needs to continue when a loved one is in hospital, caring doesn't end then, with nighties to wash, another house to look after, meetings to attend etc.
But not everyone can get carers allowance and not everyone is told about carers allowance, people are missing out.

And the government think provide carers allowance, provide carers 3 times a day and that's enough.

And that familys are willing able to do the rest, familys are busy or miles away.

Sometimes there's no family, so what then? left relying on friends/neighbours.

The Council is just NO NO NO, when you ask for more help, it should be YES YES YES.


I would like Carers UK to really PUSH with regard to parents getting Direct Payments from Social Services. They are supposed to give the caree a real CHOICE in who cares for them. Usually, that would be family or friends, people they knew. Employing an agency really cannot hope to provide the same care as a parent.
At the moment parents get NOTHING that truly reflects either caring non stop 168 hours a week.
Thanks for all your comments and suggestions so far, as well as for providing further detail on the challenges you have faced as carers. I will pass these onto our policy team and should be able to post some responses from them next week.