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Government set for clash over plans to reopen schools - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Government set for clash over plans to reopen schools

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Adult bin men collecting bins outside is rather different than kids in a classroom.
That wasn't what I was saying. Maybe read my post again?
DD1 is a teaching assistant, who actually has to do lots of teaching, as much as the teachers. Obviously she has concerns, for the children in school, her own family and the fact, often she has to use public transport. Not sure what plans have been made at her school yet. I personally don't want her to go back, but it is her job and needs must when it comes to it.
The bin men may be outside workers, but they are very close together with the driver, when moving from one area to another. I'm grateful they are still doing their job, and taking risks. All workers are taking a risk. In fact we are all at risk. We need consistency and clear rules, not wishy washy instructions that can be misinterpreted.
My little say over!
My son isn't a bin man, but an engineer keeping the lorries running.
Wherever possible they are emptied before going into his workshop, but if they have a fault, that may not be possible, and it certainly isn't when there's a breakdown.
When the sacks are compressed, the black bags split open. Some of the waste may be from a home where someone is developing the virus, so contaminated. There is no way of knowing.
He should be supplied with good quality protective gloves, but the good ones have all gone to the NHS, the latest lot, are to put it politely, rubbish.
Having seen the thousands of parents with their children crammed onto extremely busy beaches yesterday it does make me wonder why they are worried about them going back to school.

I think it is time for some kids to be going back to school as does the Head Teachers Association and several other former Home Secretaries (Alan Johnson, David Blunkett etc) also agree. I listened to Rev Steve Chalke on TV saying that he believes children have more to fear from suffering anxiety, stress etc than the coronavirus. He founded the biggest group of Academy Schools in the UK and is a father and grandfather. Is there ever going to be a time that's right? I believe the Unions will hang on as long as they possibly can which is not fair on parents who are still expected to work and need their children to be in school.
I can understand the arguments for kids going back to school,parents needing to get back to work etc but I think it is too much too soon.Also think the publics faith in our goverment is quite low right now so not sure people will feel confident to send their kids back to school based on their advice.I feel the priority should be getting more testing done for non key workers and like others have mentioned establishing this Track and Tracing App that the goverment keep talking about.

Remember a mother speaking on the news and saying she thinks they should restart the school year in September as is nearly the summer holidays and I think that makes sense.