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Government considering mandating vaccination for carerrs - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Government considering mandating vaccination for carerrs

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Alexandru_2103 wrote:
Thu Mar 25, 2021 2:01 pm

Over 90% of people that get it fully recover. That is called herd immunity which is exponentialy more potent than any fast tracked jab.
Do you have a plan to protect those at risk from "herd immunity"?

Otherwise it seems that they have the choice of isolating for the rest of their lives or just going to the wall.
Guiltyfeeling wrote:
Wed Mar 24, 2021 10:12 pm
My thoughts are: If you really care for someone you protect them in any way you can, including being vaccinated, if necessary. NO ARGUMENTS!! :D
I agree! If you are caring for someone, then this person cannot perform all the necessary household tasks and has poor health. If the person who cares is out of the risk zone, then by infecting the ward with COVID, there is a risk of death. For example, I am not ready to take responsibility for someone's life, to expose to mortal danger for the sake of my prejudices "no one will force me."
As stated by Kate Bingham about the vaccine "we just need to vaccinate everyone at risk" if you class yourself in that category then by all means have it, but for the millions that for one reason or another can't or won't have it then that is our right. I worry that everyone seems to think that this vaccine cures you , It might stop you getting serious symptoms but does not stop transmission and I think thats what people get confused confused about. I am getting so annoyed people saying if u don't have then you can't do this and that, even if u have the jab u might still b carrying the virus and from alot of people i have spoken to seem to think they can do what they like now, but they are just as likely to transmit it as an unvaccinated person🤷. I for one am waiting until the end of the 2 year trial is over as this vaccine is still in emergancy authorization stage. At the end of the day if you've had the vaccine and your so sure it works then why are they so worried that some haven't, I don't understand the logic.
Hi Ann,

welcome to the forum.

Have you joined the forum because you want to share your views on the vaccine or because you care for a family member or a friend?

Although the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission, research suggests it reduces transmission https://www.independent.co.uk/news/heal ... 16586.html

Anyway, I need to go and serve S and I our dinner.

Getting a COVID vaccine could be made mandatory for care workers who look after the most elderly, the health secretary has told Sky News.

Matt Hancock said that, while vaccines would not be made mandatory for the general public, they could be required for those whose profession sees them work with the most vulnerable.
He admitted that while more than 90% of elderly care home residents had now received COVID jabs, the take-up of vaccines among staff was lower - although more than 75% had now had a jab.
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According to the Daily Telegraph, a draft government document includes details of plans to put in place legislation to require vaccinations among care workers.

But he acknowledged the issue was being looked into by a government taskforce, which is considering questions around COVID certification to either prove someone has had a vaccine or has tested negative.