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Government considering mandating vaccination for carerrs - Carers UK Forum

Government considering mandating vaccination for carerrs

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Warmest of greetings to my fellow carers everywhere. I have only just joined this forum and would like to raise what I consider to be a very important issue. According to Matt Hancock, the government is considering making vaccination mandatory for carers. I do believe everyone is capable of critical thinking and that that decision should be solely with the individual and not mandated. The principle of freedom of choice, informed consent are pillars of a free society. Without wanting to sow seeds of discontent or argument I would like to be able to have an open and civilised conversation on this now, very sensitive subject. What are your thoughts please?

Warm regards and stay safe
My thoughts are: If you really care for someone you protect them in any way you can, including being vaccinated, if necessary. NO ARGUMENTS!! :D
Just a thought ...

where is the choice to a care home resident/s and other staff members.

To say no to receiving care from a carer who has chosen not be vaccinated. And to be put at risk from such carer working within a care setting.

Maybe that's something the Government will need to consider.
Hi Alexandru

From the tone of your post I assume that you work within the Care sector ?

This forum is primarily for those who care for friends/family in a non-professional unpaid capacity - many of whom are still fighting to get the vaccine so that they can protect themselves and the loved ones they care for.

Not wishing to get into an argument with anyone but IMHO anyone who is refusing the vaccine is being very selfish and shortsighted (unless they have an existing medical condition which means they can't have it). We will never defeat this virus until everyone has been vaccinated.
There have been a number of serious health issues like Polio that have been virtually eradicated by vaccination. If you don't want a jab, that's your choice, just don't expect to be part of society or supported by society! How can you call yourself a carer if you put your "right" before other vulnerable members of society????
I thought long and hard about having the vaccine. I don't even have the flu jab, but now am rethinking that to be honest.
I did have the vaccine, because one I felt the responsibility to my family. They had a long drawn out worry and heartbreak about my husband's decline in health. Anything I can possibly do to save anxiety about me I will do. Two, we have to do something to have some quality of life, for ourselves, and help the country get back on its feet.
After all people have chosen to have vaccines to travel. Why not choose to have this one for everyone, including carers.
So that's my take on it but of course choice is choice.
Oh dear, that was a bit of a rant.
all i keep wondering is what about those who cannot be vaccinated for whatever reason, especially with places of business looking at vaccine certificates. their social lives and options will be narrowed.
Hello :D

sunnydisposition, you make a valid point. People that are in a care setting, people that are vulnerable or consider themselves to be vulnerable, people with comorbitities should still have the choice to have it or not, should be a free informed decision. Pros and cons should be considered(long term testing, fertlity trials, family planning has not yet been done according to official sources, liability issues if one does get sick as a result of it- gov.co.uk does specifically mention that manufacturers as well as health professionals that administer the jab are completely absolved of any liability), rational and logical thought should be employed and not emotional and coarced mandating. It is not and should never be a one size fits all. If one needs the protection then by all means get it. But the choice should still be with the individual. Considering most if not all vulnetable individuals have been vaccinated and are protected, why should healthy, younger individuals, individuals that are statistically speaking(according to official figures, age etc) at no risk be mandated to have the jab?

Hi susieq. I do not know what "tone" my post has but yes, you are correct. I work in care, have been for many years now. I appreciate that unpaid carers are fighting to get this jab but under that assumption, someone that does not want the jab opens availability for someone that wants it, i.e. someone you are talking about, because they so wish to. To your point of defeating the virus, this particular virus is close to harmless to an overwhelming majority of people that come into contact with it. Over 90% of people that get it fully recover. That is called herd immunity which is exponentialy more potent than any fast tracked jab. While not taking away any of the grief that comes with someone dying or getting seriously sick and not wishing to belittle that, if you look at the data and the percentages of people that either die or have serious illness as a result of infection, it is extremly low. With all due respect it is neither selfish nor shortsighted, it is just reason based.
This is a site for family carers. What did you expect? Us to say it's OK if you don't have a jab, and someone dies as a result????
Hi Alexandru,

I agree it's your choice. However, if you applied to care for my relative I would choose to give the job to someone who has been vaccinated. I suspect the majority of the carers on here would feel the same.

If you were looking for support in your decision, you have come to the wrong place. We want to protect our family and friends who need care. I suggest you look for forum for paid care workers.