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Gov's "Extremely Vulnerable" register ignoring the disabled. - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Gov's "Extremely Vulnerable" register ignoring the disabled.

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Susieq, Many thanks! That is very helpful and appreciated. I will email him directly. I tried to find out how to contact Sainsbury online but it kept telling me page not available. I will post any information regarding the response from the CEO.


Take care
We were talking at lunchtime about texts we’ve had. My daughter who has Learning diffs then said she had had a text from the doctors surgery a few days ago. I asked her if I could see it and she said she deleted it. What good is it sending texts to people who can’t understand it? She is listed as having LD and I am listed as her Carer so why don’t they copy me in too?

Same as County Hall they send bills to her and unless I get to the post before her, she just shoves them in a drawer!
Ella08 wrote:
Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:16 pm
I was refused entry into Sainsbury this morning at allotted time ( according to their website vulnerable, disabled and carers can shop between 0800 and 0900).
Hello Ella08

Thanks for sharing the experience you had of being turned away from Sainsbury's. I can understand how this must have been quite upsetting. I've raised this issue with some of my colleagues at Carers UK.

I hope you manage to find a suitable time to do your shopping.


Thank you! I have emailed the CEO and hopefully will get clarification about the issue. It really does seem that disabled people are being overlooked as being vulnerable at this time and I don’t understand why.
This really does need sorting out, the elderly and disabled are supposed to isolate themselves and NOT go shopping, the people that are going shopping for them are REFUSED entry from the special schemes.

You cannot order over the internet as all the slots are filled up for weeks.

I did notice Sainsburys do click and collect, parked in the car park and saw a lot of people using it but no use if you haven't got a car.

Suzieq I was told that over seventys, you should isolate yourself and not go shopping but like you say you can and are capable.

So confusing all this conflicting advice.

Agree it does need sorting out. So confusing and worrying. I ended up going to local coop but it is a small shop so not ideal for weekly shop so would have to do a few trips a week therefore more risk of contracting virus and passing it to the people we care for.

I wonder if it is possible for GPs to Produce letters for carers who don’t receive carers allowance so that this can be used as proof at supermarkets?
Londonbound personally I am quite happy to shop at any other time of day than 8am (I'd prefer to be snuggled up in bed with the cat and a cup of tea at that time !). The only reason I did go at that time was because the last time I went at a more 'reasonable' hour virtually all the shelves were empty - no fruit/veg and hardly any meat or fish all of which which I really did need. The number of "oldies" that were there hardly made a dent in the newly re-stocked shelves but were able to get our basics and none were taking more than they needed..

Ella - if your caree is claiming a disability type benefit you could try taking a copy of their award letter with you as proof - I believe this has worked for some people.
Exactly the point susieq. I thought one of the reasons that supermarkets had the time slots for older people and other vulnerable groups so they could access what they needed before other people stripped shelves.

Yes partner is on PIP and I took his letter along with my carers allowance letter but the manageress was not interested at all and kept telling me carers were not allowed to go in and only vulnerable and elderly were. Contradictory to what is on their website. Hopefully Mike Coupe will reply to the email I sent.


Yep ... more ammunition for a daily Q & A ?