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Gov's "Extremely Vulnerable" register ignoring the disabled. - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Gov's "Extremely Vulnerable" register ignoring the disabled.

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
.... and how many millions will not be on those lists ?
Have a look at the list. Best summarised as everyone who is entitled to a free flu jab, all people over 70, regardless of their health, and those under 70 with health conditions that make them more at risk due to health issues.
Too narrow ... see my previous post.

For starters , there are 8.5 million family / kinship carers.

For one carer , assume one caree ... yes , I know some care for more than one.

If those 8.5 million ceased to care , how many carees are at immediate risk ?

Add on those living alone without a carer ... perhaps even those in institutions / care homes ?

Must now forget ... a lone carer now in isolation with their caree ... add him / her to the figure ?

Elderly ... reasonably fit but living in an isolated area , reliant on others / public transport for supplies ?

Children in poverty / food bank users ... your choice ... dismiss or add ?

All done ?

Compare your figure with the Government estimates.

What conclusion do you draw ?

" UK supermarkets are to use a government database of 1.5 million vulnerable shoppers to help prioritise delivery slots for them."

10 million + ... ???
Bill, I can only report what I've heard or what I know. Maybe put your comments to your MP?
No real need ... said figures have got many mps from all parties scratching their heads.

One thumbs up for constituency mps ... they cannot avoid the true state of play in their constituencies.

Now , quite a few Tory mps are meeting their new " Blue " constituents head on.

For many , just looking out their constituency office windows will be enough.

My new local mp will see a former miners social club ... been disused and boarded up since 1998.
Hello all!

New on here! I too am a carer for a housebound disabled person and I was refused entry into Sainsbury this morning at allotted time ( according to their website vulnerable, disabled and carers can shop between 0800 and 0900). Very upsetting and embarrassing being turned away. I had my carers allowance paperwork to show that I look after my disabled partner but I was told they were only letting in vulnerable elderly people and not carers. I pointed out the webpage from Sainsbury to her but she refused to look and told me I need to go with NHS or Social care customers. According to the website you need an NHS ID card for this and as I am not NHS this is not an option for me.

Just don’t know what to do now. :(
I too was going to raise this issue, I and other neighbours are going shopping for our carees, elderly disabled housebound, one got turned away by Sainsburys, she looks after an elderly relative, doesn't get carers allowance or anything so no proof.

I don't get carers allowance either no proof that I am a carer, NO ID or nothing.

Vulnerable and elderly people are supposed to be isolating so how can they can go shopping when they are NOT supposed to .

These schemes might seem very good and show that the supermarkets care but just don't work.
Yes it is very frustrating especially when Sainsbury have information on there website that clearly states carers are included in priority shopping slot. I tried showing the manager my carers allowance form but she just kept telling me I needed to go with NHS staff ( I explained I was not NHS or Social care worker so can’t do that ). She was having none of it and was very rude.
Ella08 I have passed your comments onto our Admin team to see if they have any advice for you. In the meantime I suggest that you contact Sainsbury's CEO - Mike Coupe and let him know that his staff at your branch are not sticking to what he said in his email to customers !

email address: mike.coupe@sainsburys.co.uk
postal address: Sainsburys, 33 Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT

Londonbound - I am 73, live alone, never done online shopping (even if I wanted to the supermarkets aren't accepting any new online customers now). Because of my age, I am classified as "vulnerable" but I'm still relatively fit, healthy and quite capable of getting my own shopping - just like thousands of others in the same circumstances in my age group. If we don't get our own shopping then we would have to try to use one of the volunteer schemes being set up and thereby probably take away a service from someone else who needs it much more than we do.
I am carer for my mom. Does the government even see us carers and disabilities and elderly. What matter with them. I see how they are treated at supermarkets. I cried two times this week they way how they are stock pilling with food. I'm so stress. I'm not one for stock pilling dont believe in it but everytime to go supermarket a long lines. I cant get any shopping either. They dont care about us