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Exercise away from people to keep safe? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Exercise away from people to keep safe?

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
This is something I have discussed with my other half at night in bed. My caree has open defect spina bifida and exercise is good for him as it helps us to avoid constipation woes. Yesterday we took him on a walk around town. Today he and I walked down to the local supermarket to do the weekly food shop. I have some exercise DVDs I got from a local charity shop a few weeks back.

On Monday he bounced on a trampoline. I know that you can go out if you wish to exercise. So tomorrow I will take him to a local park for a walk.
Hi Alice,
I am in the same position as you except my son is 24 years old. My son has been going to a Day Service 4 days a week, the other 3 days we are out early in the morning as he needs his space and panics if people come too close. We live in the New Forest area and have been going near Wootton enclosure, often there by 7.30am. If we aren't there then we go to Milford beach car park, again by 7.30am. The Day Service is now closed and my son is expecting to go out every morning. We have been out until late last week, we were on the beach and a very " aggressive " lady came over to me and told me we were not allowed there ! My son goes down by the water and I sit back slightly to give him space and also to make sure if someone was to come along, they keep their distance.
Without any doubt, this lady made me feel very uncomfortable, I didn't say anything as I was lost for words !
Since then I have been looking through lots of websites regards to learning disabilties etc and haven't really found any information for our problem. The one thing I have found is the wording in the Governments guidance of Staying at Home.. there is some wording which I think covers us, as I know if my son was kept in against his will ( he doesn't understand he can't go out at the moment ) he would become angry / hit out and cause harm to himself and to us .
The wording is under the reasons of why you can leave your home.

" any medical need, including to donate blood, avoid or escape risk of injury or harm, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person."

I have lost my confidence a bit because of this lady, so I want to be ready with the right info for the next time we venture out. Life is getting stressful in our home as my son is feeling confined !
In many areas , the locals are becoming " Touchy "

Instances reported in Cornwall , Devon , Norfolk , Suffolk , North Yorkshire , Yorkshire Dales , Peak and Lake Districts over the past week , second home owners being " Victimised " for visiting their other abode.

The new norm for many , and this is after only a few days of the enforced lockdown.

It's a new world out there , how we adapt to it will be " Interesting " to say the very least.

A caring new world or ... an I'm Alright Jack one ?