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Everyone in Britain 'should wear a mask' - Carers UK Forum

Everyone in Britain 'should wear a mask'

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
Top doctors have recommended that the public wear masks outdoors
They say Britain is out of step in its guidance, with other European countries including Germany, Italy and Spain now recommending their use
The coverings are already common in China, Japan and South Korea

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... masks.html

finding the right mask will be the problem if goverment fails on ppe over nhs
Better to not go out at the moment,unless you have to.
bowlingbun wrote:
Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:40 am
Better to not go out at the moment,unless you have to.
Yes, your best mask is your closed front door.
Everyone should wear a mask?

I do take on board the Who's advice and am more minded to buy into their advice, compared to our Gvt.

I would not be adverse to wearing a Mask to potentially protect others and myself.

I think the effects of wearing a mask are psychologal too. If one wears one, I would imagine people are more likely to be aware of the situation, obey social distancing, washing of hands more.

There is one huge problem with masks in this country. Everyone needs one and we have a population of I think 70 million.

So having said that, do you think it feasible that this Gvt will be able to produce or more likely source 70 million masks successfully, given we can't even source 3 days worth of PPE from Turkey without huge problems?

Potentially like all the Gvts initiatives and proposals a good move, however the proof as ever with this Gvt is in the delivery. Which so far in this Pandemic has been criminally abject.

I totally agree.

Once Lockdown eases, and I am in no rush for that, I think whole community mask wearing is the way to go to reduce transmission as we get some semblance of normal life back.

I was reading on Sunday that Taiwan have very low numbers of cases and deaths. Their government provides three masks a week for each person.

I have even written to my MP to express my concern that that advice has not been forthcoming from our government.

I, like you, cannot imagine our government providing those masks for all of us!

I hope I am proved wrong!
Albert, I enjoyed reading your comment. It made me chuckle. Very wise!
Parts of Asia have been dealing with this sort of thing for decades, and mask wearing, along with people taking more responsibility for personal hygiene/bad habits is ingrained into their national psyche. For instance Japan's social etiquette around the subject of sneezing/blowing ones nose in public is well known.

I honestly feel like decisions in handling the situation in this country have been driven by supply and economics with "the science" playing the part of a scapegoat ironically because those voices have gone ignored.

Lack of transparency about community/care home transmission and treating the public like idiots.

Guidance against the public not using masks has largely been around supply limitations for health services, basically setting a precedent for people trying to procure masks and the like to protect themselves/loved ones being shamed for it.

I would say the important things to consider are you do need to handle/change/dispose of them properly.. and also not fall into the trap of feeling "safe" just because you have one on. Which is one of the few things I can agree with because you see people acting like they are invincible wearing one or touching the front to adjust it which is a big no no.

Lockdown came too late and wasn't firm enough, army should had been deployed in force to allow the police to concentrate on actual policing (crime doesn't stop even for this).. not to mention some of the latterhave been seen to be acting over zealously/with a big ol' chip on their shoulder such as the "I'll make something up" guy recently featured.

The whole situation does not sit unease with me.. because it has diminished the already poor levels of accountability for the failings which have taken place. We've also tiptoed quite blindly into a police state.

Albert_1604 wrote:
Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:55 am
Yes, your best mask is your closed front door.
I heard one police force had attended 500 parties in one area since the lockdown started

I thought they were supposed to be breaking them up
Maybe one could wear a mask over and over by soaking/spraying it will hand sanitiser.
NHS gowns could be treated in the same way.

Our scientific officers seem to be at odds with the rest of the World's advice.
That gives me great pause for thought. Surely not that UK is right and rest of the World
is wrong ?
Wearing a mask isn't easy in my humble opinion. I have one. It makes me hot, and as I have a problem with a very sensitive nose that drips for various reasons, I have to move mask to use tissue. It's quite a claustrophobic feeling too. I feel for staff who have to wear one for hours and hours because it can make your face very sore.