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Covid vaccine priority

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Marjorie_2101 wrote:
Mon Feb 01, 2021 3:11 pm

We didn’t need any paracetamol, bit of an achy arm was all
Oh that was good.

Hubby aged 75 had his jab on Saturday. Obviously I had to accompany him as he struggles at walking, dressing etc. Had asked why I couldn’t get the jab at the same time but told definite no, I was in group 6! So when they eventually get to group 6 I will have to go along with hubby as he can’t be left - so 4 trips outside the home for 2 jabs each. Absolutely ridiculous situation. I am his carer and gave up work to look after him 4 years go, gp surgery fully aware as he can’t speak for himself etc but still couldn’t get the jab at the same time.

Took hubby to hospital last week and they said I should get the vaccine as it was silly us having to go out 4 times.

Just heard Hancock and co on the daily briefing extolling the virtue of unpaid carers but still not saying it made sense for carers to be vaccinated at the same time as the person they have to accompany. Makes me so mad that unpaid carers are so ‘valued’ but not valued enough to be given the jab at the same time as the person they care for.

Keep saying if I get ill, it will be 2 people who need help.
Carers UK
There seems to be a big problem here. Locally I am hearing either the G.P. is ignoring the Government advice. And blaming the NHS for not making the vaccine information available to them. For carers to have the vaccine at the same time as their caree. Or the NHS is blaming the G.P. for not proving the carers details to the NHS.

It seems to me that carers need to be registered not only at their G.P. But also with the NHS under their hospital number.
It’s all very confusing. Hubby and I are both 67 and haven’t been offered the jab. We are carers for our LD adult daughter who also hasn’t been called yet. However, her PA is getting her jab this week because she works with my daughter, but she is currently not working as there is nowhere open for them to visit. We are still paying her as advised by the council. How come a PA gets priority?

My friend and her hubby are foster carers and got theirs weeks ago. I also know a young teacher (late 30s) who has had her jab weeks ago because she works in a special needs school even though she is not working as she is on maternity leave for about a year having just given birth at Xmas.
It does all seem topsy turvey. A friend of ours works for the NHS and had her’s weeks ago -she is working from home and delivers talking therapies online ....

confusing ? why is the goverment advising to say in 2 to 3 weeks after having vaccine and why when you are having vaccine are not been advised to stay in by the proffessionals who give vaccine .

with us we have not had vaccine as yet so still waiting like a lot of others but why are people with lunge disorders not any higher than list 6 are the goverment only going by age ?
sunnydisposition wrote:
Tue Jan 05, 2021 9:16 am
When the person you care for gets the call/letter. You can then request to attend the appointment as the same time. Stating as you have said
Hi Sunny - I and others have found this not to be the case. After my local authority had phoned my mother (who I'm a paid carer for) and booked her in, I spoke to them and asked shouldn't they be giving me a jab at the same time? They apologised and said the system simply doesn't let them book the carer in until it is their designated slot- i.e - Priority Group 6.

I am not aware of anyone on Carer's Allowance who has bypassed the vaccine roll out timetable? The only paid carer's I know who have received the jab early are those who qualify because of their age anyway.

Do you know whether individual GP surgeries are dealing/calling up Group 6 people yet? Any advice great received.
Carol_21011 wrote:
Sun Jan 31, 2021 10:05 pm
I think carers being offered the vaccine along with the person they care for is probably influenced by age. I am under 55 and in group 8 so quite a while for me to wait yet. If a carer is nearer in age to the over 80s, over 70s or clinically vulnerable it would make sense to vaccinate them at the same time as they might only have to wait a week or so before being called as part of their age group.
Does anyone know how you will be able to tell if you should have been called when they get to group 6 or if they have missed you out because they didn't check that you were a carer?
It's interesting to see how things seem to be done differently in different vaccination sites and in different parts of the country.
Hi Carol. I'm a 48 year-old paid carer for my mother and our local authority booked her in for a jab at the main vaccination hub in our town. I took her to the appointment but they were unable to jab me? Apparently the booking system won't allow it and they indicated that we need to wait until Group 6. Whether I wait for the Council or my GP to call me up now, I've no idea? I just know that on my GP's records I'm down as my mother's carer.

So the risk to ourselves continues as our loved ones stay at home half-protected, is the current situation many people find themselves in.
If ever family carers were in any doubt about where we came in the pecking order of government priorities, we know now - Rock Bottom!
mullington wrote:
Wed Feb 03, 2021 6:49 pm
Whether I wait for the Council or my GP to call me up now, I've no idea? I just know that on my GP's records I'm down as my mother's carer.
If your GP has your email address, you will probably receive an email invite from them - I did.

You could also receive an invite from the NHS by snail mail - I did

I booked mine after the first email, and was able to book my wife in at the same time as we are in the same group. A few days later, my wife received a postal invite from the NHS, after another week or so I received an email inviting my wife, (we use the same email as she can't use the PC), a couple of days later again, I received a postal invite for myself. It's a bit confused out there.
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