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COVID Vaccine - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

COVID Vaccine

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
I never shop out. Food is delivered to me each week and I monitor my blood pressure and sugar levels at home.
Never have visitors either.

That is why I am hesitant in having the vaccine. How many in the trial were my age, 87. ???
If few, as i think, then I become a guinea pig. No thanks!
It seems to me that this is wrong, now there is just a race who will say faster that it has a vaccine. Vaccines have to be tested for years to track all side effects. I don't trust this vaccine.
I'm having it asap.
I've already been in intensive care after major surgery, with pipes going in and out, no desire to repeat that!
I get chest infections most years after Christmas, requiring two courses of antibiotics, so if I get the virus my outlook would be bleak.
I've spent years housebound after a car accident, virtually unable to walk until I had two knee replacements. In total I've had eight operations, and fought really hard to get better, to learn how to walk properly.
I'll stay in and live carefully until I've had the vaccinations, then I'm going to drive over the hills to Bridport, visiting all my favourite fabric shops en route, just because I can!!
Let's be positive about the vaccine, what are you going to do afterwards???
As for me, I can't believe that it should be useful
Thanks for your posts in the thread. I have passed these onto our policy team and we'll look out for other issues relating to the vaccine that are posted in the Forum.