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Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
I don't know, re Jenny Harries. I will check it out. I'm not listening to news so much these days. I do of course keep an eye on it. Found it was depressing me and I have learned to guard against that.

Just checking. She is now going to wear a mask more frequently if not all of the time.
I was shocked to see them removing the mask mandate in hospitals 2 weeks ago with cases already rising. I thought it was just a jubilee fall out scenario but it seems these 2 new variants are more contagious than the one we thought was already more contagious before. I know Southampton and several other hospitals have returned to compulsory masks but as far as I know Portsmouth hasn't. They even removed the masks from their doors and you could only get them in specific clinical areas but most people didn't bother. I over heard some nurses talking about which patients they could breathe near in order to get a positive test to finally get some time off.

My Dad was already in hospital but now he has covid and his ward has been shut (with people inside who hadn't yet tested positive...) They've said I CAN go in but they'd rather I didn't and I'd have to learn to don and doff (which I know anyway). However I've had symptoms since Sunday myself (2 1/2 days since very close contact including my dad coughing in my masked face...) but I'm still testing negative. I'm outraged that carers don't count for free tests and wonder how many people don't know they have covid because they don't test. I'm told that the current figures are from sewage tests so should be accurate but I'm sure that's not where they came from previously so I'd be interested to see a comparison.
Boris has been trying to stay popular, given the mess he's in, and is ignoring covid. The government as a whole seems to be in bunker mode (except for the latest resignations), and I won't comment beyond the fact that everyone seems to have taken their eyes off the ball.

It's interesting that masks seem to be making a bit of a comeback currently, and at Gill's meeting yesterday everyone was masked, for the first time in months.