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Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
The New Forest, where I live, had some of the lowest infection rates in the country, but sadly, it's the worst it's ever been now, so I'm still avoiding the rest of the human race as much as possible, wearing a mask, and washing my hands a lot. I've given up using shop sanitizer, I often pretend to use it, just don't squeeze any out, as my skin was literally cracking, despite oodles of hand cream being applied. I have hand cream in my sewing room, kitchen, and bedroom. Some of the best I've used is some that cost about 69p in Aldi!! Seems to work better than some more than 10 times the price.

My grandson's school friend tested positive recently, fortunately grandson was OK, he is here 3 days a week.
We have to fight with COVID remember to wash your hands, face, nose and eyes. We have to take precautionary measure in this pandemic condition. If we take precautionary measure we will sure overcome this condition.
So at last the government has decided to increase restrictions in the form of compulsory mask wearing. How are the public accepting this?

Yesterday, Waitrose was giving friendly encouragement to customers to wear masks and sanitise on entering the store - and everybody was as far as I coukld see. Today, in the central shopping mall, things were less good. Most customers, with some exceptions were wearing masks in shops but in the general mall area many were not, despite requests to do so. We tried to maintain 2-metre social distancing, but some others seemed to have lost the habit. Resumed official encouragement could help.

It seems to me that lack of clear direction from the government for many months has resulted in the public taking things less seriously now that precautions have been re-introduced. The new Omicron mutation is not helping matters. It is a bit early yet to tell from the statistics whether the latest precautions are driving down infection rates. There is always a lag between change of precautions and effect.
I've just seen this.

https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/l ... li=AAnZ9Ug

Good! I wish more authorities were prepared to take tough action like this. I know shops need to be loyal to their customers - however in the shopping mall today I saw two security guards order two lads to stop riding their bikes in the mall - however no obvious attempt to enforce mask wearing.
Not much evidence of mask wearing where we live, Denis. It would have been better to have kept them than discontinued them and reinstated to them. People are out of the habit of wearing them now.

i’m back to wearing a mask although I hate doing so as I have low blood pressure and am prone to fainting.

People are STILL wandering around in shops with dirty masks or handmade ones which are not supposed to be good and I honestly doubt whether they wash them after every outing. Other people don’t wear them properly and have their nose sticking out or constantly pulling it back up again which you are not supposed to do.
I've continued to wear them. I can get a bit hot and bothered but wait till outside again.Prefer the disposable ones myself, with the nose bridge. Have noticed people wearing them incorrectly too. Not easy to wear, especially if like me need glasses just to read labels and prices, but not for long distance. They steam up.
I too have the problem of mask falling off my nose and glasses steaming up. If the top edge of the mask is pinched a bit in the middle before it is put on, it helps to keep it on the nose. My optician sold me a special type of anti-fog lens cleaner, which helps to reduce misting rather more than regular lens cleaners.
Thanks for that information Denis, that sounds just what I need. The colder the weather is the more my glasses steam up, the cold weather makes it worse.
Thank you Denis
I do pinch the bar at the top of the mask. Feels more secure than some cheaper ones I bought when masks were hard to get.
Anti fog cleanser sounds good.
Went to Asda yesterday, and noticed more people wearing masks. A box was above the cleansers for anyone who needed. Wonder if they lasted?