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Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
norman2511 wrote:
Thu Mar 19, 2020 6:56 am
Where is the practical support for Carers. Looking after my Wife (70) with MS and my Mum (90) vascular dementia and Alzheimers is proving a real challenge. Can't isolate, we have 8 paid Carers a day to support Ros. Mum is kind of coping. I moved Mum in because she would not cope in isolation. Biggest issue is ensuring food. Forced to go to shops no home delivery available. So it is about managing risks. At the same time I am having cancer treatment. It can and does feel overwhelming.
With the supermarkets struggling to meet demand you might have more luck with Milk and More (who do much more than just milk) and meal delivery companies (eg Wiltshire Farm Foods). I have managed to secure deliveries from them over recent days. More expensive, alas.
Join your local Facebook group or contact your local councillor, or Social Services.
There are plenty of volunteers coming forward, eager to help.
If you would be interested in a daily email with updates from all the main caring organisations and government as well as a selection of other helpful and sometimes light-hearted things from our community of carers you can sign up here mobiliseonline.co.uk (sign up at the bottom of the page)
Yesterday I had an awful day trying to organise food and essentials for the two people I look after. I could not use the protected entry slots at Sainsbury because I am 68 and it was assumed that I could shop at anytime. Problem is that by the time I gained entry there were no toilet roll. Trying to look after an incontinent person without toilet roll is a challenge. Kitchen roll is not an answer because you cannot get that either. I also had to queue for over an hour to get into the supermarket. I posted something on Facebook. That resulted in someone from R4 Today programme contacting me. The interview went out this morning. The result of that was that the people who gave me the run around yesterday were in contact today, correcting the mistakes of yesterday. There is help out there but it should not take Radio interviews and hours of stress to get it. We unpaid carers are a dam holding back millions of potential virus victims flooding and overwhelming the NHS, it is time that was recognised. We are part of the solution and it is time this was recognised. To all Carers please stay safe.