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Government set for clash over plans to reopen schools - Carers UK Forum

Government set for clash over plans to reopen schools

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Boris Johnson says he wants some pupils to return to the classroom from June 1, with reports claiming class sizes will be halved and some children could be sent to neighbouring schools

https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/c ... n-22012136
These ideas haven't been thought through!!!
Track and trace should be firmly in place before opening of schools.

The daily death figures should also be consistently low and falling.

Anything else is madness.

Even when they do open children are not realistically going to be able to be in school full time due to social distancing measures, which in effect means the parents on the whole won't be able to work.

Add into the mix patents who have more than one child, some will be at school, others not.
Hell no. If key worker schools (for children of workers "essential" to the operation of the country i.e. health/social staff etc) are unsafe to the point they actually have whistleblowers going to the media as a result in the present, what chance do state schools have?

The whole government approved (media executed) witch hunt of teachers is really smoke and mirrors to divert the public's gaze from how seriously mismanaged and underfunded our education system has become in comparison to our developed neighbours in other parts of western Europe.

If the government are so confident about their plans then they should open the posh schools (Eton etc) up at the same time - thats right, alot of the education venues the people making these decisions send their own children to won't actually be open till Autumn onward.

And they shouldn't be aloud to home school their own children either... I know it is a horrible thing to say and its not their kids fault their parents are psychopaths, its just if the country is in it together they ought to put their money where their mouth is.
After whats gone on with the care homes anyone would be a fool to trust the government.
I can't trust so called educated people who can't read a calender properly.

Just to clarify, I'm referring to the earlier gaffe by the Deputy Chief Medical Officer when he spoke about February 30th in the answer of a question, during a recent panel broadcast.

Like it is not enough that the questions are pre-approved, along with those asking them. Its bloody frightening to think how they would answer a legitimate question they couldn't prepare for ahead of time.
As many other countries have done better than us in all aspects of the virus
why don't we copy them as to how they are returning children to school ?

We were told once that we had the best scientific brains in the World. So why are we
in a pickle?
Albert_1604 wrote:
Wed May 20, 2020 6:15 am
We were told once that we had the best scientific brains in the World. So why are we
in a pickle?
Science is supposed to be impartial, but i would imagine its difficult for the likes of SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) to be such this when a government advisor keeps showing up at their meetings.

I have heard other countries have larger classrooms and countries such as Denmark waited until deaths or new cases were very low. I imagine other countries already had track and trace in place.

What our country has been doing is shambolic and that's putting it politely.

I couldn't put what I really think here.
A friend is a teaching assistant at a local school, they have worked out how to have classes of 15 by using rooms differently, and they are all going to have training days beforehand.
Whilst it would be great if everyone could stay home, some people like my son working for the council are working harder than ever to make sure the community services are all running smoothly. You'd all be up in arms if your bin wasn't collected, wouldn't you?
Economically the last few weeks have been a huge burden on the country's finances, and we will all be paying in one way or another for the rest of our lives, and for carers and carees that is going to mean even less services than usual.
The country can't get back to normal until women are able to go to work, nearly every woman works these days.
Yes, it's risky. I'll be at risk as my son and his partner have separated and co parent my grandson, who is at my house a lot.
I'm due to fly to Greece on holiday later in the year, whether or not I go may be a personal decision, if the plane goes and I don't, I will not get a refund.
We take risks every day of our lives, there are risks even at home.
How we each manage risk in the next few months is going to be a difficult balancing act between economic necessity, fear, and feelings, rational or not.