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Carers UK info on vaccine

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It is a personal choice for staff whether they wish to have the vaccine in the same way it is for everyone in the various priority groups. If your Mum had the vaccine, once it takes effect, it shouldn't matter to her whether the care worker has had the vaccine or not. It would be hoped that staff would take up the offer, but ultimately it is their choice.

Most updated info off main website

https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... ccine-faqs

Updated 18/1/21

I really do think it's wrong that "private carers" including those on Direct Payments are in Category 2, who do exactly the same as us, the unpaid carers, but we are only Category 6.
When is anyone going to acknowledge that family carers are providing an equally, vitally important role in keeping some of the most vulnerable people in society safe?
Carers UK likewise invites the JCVI direction that there ought to be some adaptability to limit wastage of any immunization. Inside this methodology, Carers UK suggests that unpaid carers are immunized simultaneously as the individual they care for on the off chance that they are going with the individual they care for to an arrangement.
Jason_20121 wrote:
Tue Jan 19, 2021 9:20 am
So im confused as ive had conflicting info given to me. Basically I just want to know what vaccine code / category i fall into?

Im a sole parent of 4 with no network support at all, my 6 yr old is severely disabled so I am legally his carer being registered with Carers Hub & Carers UK, we also have a social worker.

Initially I was told that I would be towards the top maybe category 2. But I phoned my GP & they said I was uncoded as of yet so wouldnt be in the 2nd stage, which annoyed me.

My concern is im a sole parent to my 4 kids ages 16, 9, 6 & 4, as said my 6 yr old is disabled & my fear is if I get Covid then who will care for my children?

Ive seen on another post here that "Family Carers" are in category 6 which is a long way off........Can anyone help me with this at all??
Jason how old are you. Do you have your own health problems. Are you registered at your child's G.P. as her carer. It's important your are registered as her carer. Like wise with your own G.P. I will assume you and your daughter are at the same G.P.

https://contact.org.uk/advice-and-suppo ... -answered/

Parents should ask for their GP to mark their record with a 'carers flag' otherwise they may not get an invitation when their turn arrives.
I'm in Suffolk and I managed to get in touch with the GP federation who are responsible for administering the vaccine and arranging the appointments.
Here they are using the GP records to identify carers by those who have it recorded on there records.
Hi Misty, I'm a member of a Facebook group for Parents of Adults with Additional Needs. Some parents have found that their GP records do not always have them listed properly, even when those parents have completed forms.
If in doubt, check.
Hi everyone hope you’re all well. I’m my daughters carer she is 32 I’m 56. She got a text today to book in for her vaccine. When she phoned she asked about when I would get vaccine and was told I’m in group 5. Really confusing as earlier told that I should have vaccine as same time as her. Read on gov site group 6 now being told group 5. Maybe different areas are working at different speed and I suppose it also depends on how many people in each groups within different areas. My aunt and uncle who live in Norfolk aged mid 70s but uncle on vulnerable list had their first vaccines weeks ago.
Forgot to say I’m registered as my daughters carer at gp and get carers allowance
I have read through all of your messages and I like many feel I anxious about when I will receive my vaccine and of course when will my Son receive his vaccine being 43 but having a number of health problems, the last a stroke!
My Husband who is 67 had his vaccine this week but his Dr's are different to mine and my Son's.

My Dr's are useless to be fair, unhelpful with some really rude staff. They don't want anyone to phone but use the E.Consult and I have heard many people state that they feel cut off from their Dr's due to this as every time they complete an e-consult they are told to phone 111 or go to a&e; this has happened to me on a few occasions so I don't bother, like most people I do not wish to bother an already overwhelmed hospital!

We used e consult last week for my Son and it stated phone 111 or your Dr's surgery. The receptionist that answered made clear that we would have to phone 111 (this was only for a change in one of his medication) but we made clear that it stated that we ring our Dr's surgery?

If you need to book a blood test or change your meds or ask to be referred to a specialist it states that we have to fill in an e-consult? If we are directed to phone 111 they are NOT our Dr's surgery so how can they arrange change of meds or book a blood test. None of it makes sense to me and if anyone here can explain this sytem to me I'd be most grateful.

Kind regards to all of our Carers
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