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Carers UK info on vaccine

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Hi people i am new to this forum so please forgive me if i am posting in the wrong area, I am a full time carer for my dad who is 75 years old in a few weeks... now he has had the letter for the covid 19 however because he needs to go to a centre that has toilets in the nearest one is some miles away and there is no way he could make the distance in a taxi without a toilet break, i have contacted both his doctors and his social worker they are understanding but at the moment they agree there is no option for my dad right now. Has anyone else come across this issue and if they have did they find a way to solve it please??

Sorry if it sounded if i was ranting or going on a bit.

Hi Martin,

and welcome. I suggest you ask for a home visit for him to have his vaccination or wait until a more local centre opens. In our area, they are doing them at a local surgeries, chemists as well as at the bigger hubs.

Hi Martin, I had a similar challenge getting the vaccine for my parents when they were unable to travel readily. There were two solutions for us and hopefully there is something similar in your area. One was that the District Nurses in their area were doing volunteer weekend home visits with the AZ vaccination and the other was to use a Community Transport Volunteer service that had lifting equipment on board to get them to the vaccination centre and bring them home again. The latter operated on a donation basis. I do hope there is a local solution that works for you too. Good luck.
I've had a chest infection, had to cancel an appointment a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, I rang the surgery to see if there had been any cancellations I could slip into. An hour later I'd been to the surgery, no queuing, straight to the nurses, job don. I had Astra Zeneca last time, Pfizer this time. Fine until about 3am, woke up shivering from top to toe. Took paracetamol, and Ibuprofen, filled a hot water bottle to cuddle, put my track suit on, and snuggled down again. Fine this morning!
Glad your reaction to the booster was quick, BB. S and I have appointments for Monday. What time of day did you have your booster?

About 12.15. Felt fine until the middle of the night, fine now, but I can't ever remember shivering from head to toe, it woke me up, I knew I had to get up, put on more clothes etc. but it took me a couple of minutes to get my head into gear and actually get up. Fortunately, I always have a tray with kettle, milk etc. in my bedroom, so the hot cuppa helped too.
I was fine. Time was 10.30 and had to wait for 15mins unlike the A,/Z. During the 15min wait I thought was feeling slightly light headed. It was cold waiting in the hall. When home took a paracetamol, and did very little for the day.
My friend had the same as you BB, and aching. The next day she said it was like it never happened.

the same as BB and in the night or during the day?

My friend apparently started feeling achy at about 8pm Went to bed and then in the early hours she had the chills x
OK thanks for that, Pet. I will know how I feel but will have to best guess with S.

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