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Carers removed from vaccine list? - Page 8 - Carers UK Forum

Carers removed from vaccine list?

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It definitely was this morning.
I printed off when the appointment was for, but didn't take it with me.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing!
How infuriating and a waste of time and fuel, not to mention mental preparation.

Do you think they had you down for a different time slot?

Now what?

from my G.P. just now ...

This was a second request

and I gave all the current info on carers....

following your request we are unable to book you in for your Covid vaccination as you do not fall in to the current aged 65 and over which we at this surgery currently working on. Please wait to be contacted by us in the near future.
I've just spoken to the Pharmacy at the hospital where I was due to have the jab, and spoke to someone in authority. I said that there seemed to be a glitch, she said "there's a new glitch every day"!!
Anyhow, she has kindly made the new appointments herself, my first will be week today. I have her name too, just in case. (Just to join in today's "fun" my little Hudl tablet has decided to die this morning as well).
I quoted pc1124 and JCVI at my GP practice but informed they had no further information. 119 had already redirected me to GP.

However, practice staff referred me to a contact in Local Council who replied stating that they were awaiting the Government ' standard operating procedure' for how to call/identify Unpaid Carers and there is a National Webinar on Thursday for those who will deliver vaccine to group 6(Unpaid Carers). Suggestion was that as long as you are identified as s Carer with your GP then would be invited for vaccine in group 6.

That said it appears some Unpaid Carers have already had vaccine this week, presumably areas where 5 AND 6 are being allocated from this week/fewer over 65s/reserve lists or vaccine through GP rather than Centres.

Would be very useful for Carers UK to address this concern.
When my wife gets her annual flu jab, I get it at the same time. Does this mean I'll get the Covid jab or am I being hopeful?

I did see a fellow carer whom I know today. He looks after his younger brother who has Down Syndrome. He said his brother was jabbed last week but he has to wait until April.
Have a read through the protocol.
There's almost a whole page, page 9, entitled Adult Carers. I'd urge anyone with problems to read it.
The penultimate paragraph says
"when administering vaccinations to at risk individuals who are housebound, the PCN LVS should, where it is clinically appropriate to do so, vaccinate both the at-risk individual AND THEIR MAIN CARER (if present) at the same time".
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