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Carers removed from vaccine list? - Page 7 - Carers UK Forum

Carers removed from vaccine list?

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
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Thanks Bowling bun.
I love what you said about helping people to do their job properly. Now I don't feel like I've jumped the queue in some way but instead think that my ringing up the GP surgery helped them to identify me as a carer more quickly and efficiently. I also saved them the cost of a telephone call!

NHS C1124
Annex B
Adult Carers
The gist is you can be called up by the national booking line (so long as they know you are a carer!) or GPs can bypass this and call up known carers themselves. This would be a good time to ring your GP and remind them that you are a carer.
bowlingbun wrote:
Mon Feb 15, 2021 1:15 pm
CUK needs to do some more work then.
After all, we are "disabled by association" are we not?
Having tried everyone from the mayor and NHS ccg and 119 and G.P. So where can we go. I am lucky given my age in this instance. As hopefully will be called through that way.

So sorry for all other carers I think there will be a long wait.

It's laughable as it said last night and this morning main news - carers included group 6. But no mention of G.P.S cant access the system for carers.

The people at the vaccine centre just looked in amazement. The very fact I was even asking the question. I'm not a person who is usually disheartened.

It's been a long twelve months.
Hi Sunnydisposition.
Why not try ringing the GP and quoting NHS C1124 protocol to them. It worked for me.
Carol_21011 wrote:
Mon Feb 15, 2021 4:19 pm
Hi Sunnydisposition.
Why not try ringing the GP and quoting NHS C1124 protocol to them. It worked for me.
Hi Carol

I have sent another email this afternoon. And contacted my local carers organisation. The organisation front line workers have had their vaccinations.

All the G.P. keeps saying the company they are using. Has not designed a way of identifying a carers on there system. Currently 119 can not either because. The system will not allow a D.O.B under 65.

https://www.england.nhs.uk/coronavirus/ ... 2021-1.pdf

Next week and the week after (i.e. the weeks commencing 15 and 22 February), PCN
sites should focus their efforts on inviting JCVI cohort six, which includes a wider
group of people at higher clinical risk, including carers and young adults in residential

I've copied the link so it might help others.
Hello again.
Your link is the one I've been talking about. Under Adult Carers it sats that GPs can contact carers known to them. This morning before the GP opened I also rang 119 referring to the same document and they made a booking for me which I have since cancelled because of having my jab via the GP. I'm 53 but they were able to book one for me.
I would keep trying the GP and say that on the Carer's Support forum people are reporting actual appointments. Keep pushing.
My surgery has a Facebook group.
A family carer asked when they would be having their jab, and were told, basically, to wait their turn like everyone else!
I've now put a message on their Facebook group, quoting the Protocol.
Maybe all of us could all do this?
It's a good way of getting past any officious receptionists!
I have used NHS C 1124 to secure my vaccine appointment already.
This morning I have sent an email to my MP who helped before when I was trying to get a vaccine for my dad who is also housebound. On his website he has a page with information about the vaccine.
I have also sent a question into the BBC as I noticed on the 6 o'clock news last night that once again carers were not mentioned as being part of Priority Group 6.
I will keep speaking up until all carers receive the vaccination they are entitled to.

Commissioning for carers
The five and a half million unpaid carers in England make a critical and underappreciated contribution not only to loved ones, neighbours and friends, but to the very sustainability of the NHS. To make this contribution, carers often make great sacrifices to support the people they look after. The NHS Five Year Forward View commits the NHS to find new ways to support carers, to build on the new rights created by the Care Act and to help the most vulnerable carers – the approximately 225,000 young carers and the 110,000 carers who are themselves aged over 85.

Whilst commissioners and practitioners cannot solve all of the challenges faced by carers, much more could be done to support them and help ensure that they receive the recognition and support that they need and deserve from the NHS.

The Commissioning for Carers: Principles and resources to support effective commissioning for adult and young carers, is a practical tool and part of a suite of products that will help commissioners to deliver what carers say is important to them in ways that have been shown to work effectively and efficiently in practice. The Principles are based on the latest research, case-studies and best-practice and are the vital and common ingredients to deliver better outcomes for carers, patients, commissioners, practitioners and local communities. They are:

Think Carer, Think Family; Make Every Contact Count
Support what works for carers, share and learn from others
Right care, right time, right place for carers
Measure what matters to carers
Support for carers depends on partnership working
Leadership for carers at all levels
Train staff to identify and support carers
Prioritise carers health and wellbeing
Invest in carers to sustain and save
Support carers to access local resources
I think there is a realization now. How many actual carers are in the country.
So It was underestimated the numbers in this wave.
I did all the right things, drove 10 miles to the booking centre, only to be told I wasn't on the list. Came home, tried to rebook, to be told I'd missed an appointment. Trust me to be the one it all goes wrong with!!
How awful!

It's all quite stressful. My husband got a confirmation text message on his mobile. When we went for the jab yesterday. He only gave his name and D.O.B. I would be cautious if no text message to confirm for NHS England. Or a G.P. text confirmation.
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