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Carers removed from vaccine list?

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Just found this online by searching for 'When will carers get vaccine?'. It is from a website called Telegraph and Argus.

Unpaid carers are to be included in the next phase of the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination from tomorrow, February 15.

Unpaid carers are in cohort six of the
While unpaid carers have not yet been formally announced in NHS England's press notice today as one of the core groups being contacted in this next phase of the vaccine roll-out, they are in fact included in NHS England’s communication to GP practices and Primary Care Networks this weekend, which asks them to start focusing on the vaccination of unpaid carers as well as the other eligible groups announced today.

I will ring GP tomorrow and refer them to this.
Good find Carol

My husband's tomorrow morning I have to accompany him as he is physically disabled. So I am hoping I will be offered mine at this appointment.

Google search ...

https://www.actionforcarers.org.uk/how- ... nd-carers/

If you’re bringing someone for their vaccination (e.g. if you’re 77 and your husband is 85), it’s always worth asking if you can be vaccinated at the same time.
The vaccination centre is not under any obligation, but the JCVI’s (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) instructions are to be flexible, so it does no harm to ask (and has worked for some of our carers.)
The above mentioned post about carers being entitled to vaccine from today is on the CarersUK site now in the press release section. It quotes Helen Walker from CarersUK.
I hope this helps when trying to book an appointment. I am going to try my luck with my GP this morning as it was a no go with 119 last night. I'm not holding my breath!
NHS instructions to PCN led local vaccination sites inc GPs C1124

Published 13th February 2021

This states that unpaid carers can be offered vaccine from 15th February.

I only find things like this because when I am up at various times during the night giving care to my 84 year old housebound dad, I surf the web to help me try to get back to sleep!

I hope this helps.
My local surgery group has posted a Facebook message this morning which made things a bit clearer for me. They are now starting Group 6 for clinically vulnerable and Carers at the surgery and are contacting people. Group 5 will receive a letter inviting them to go online to book at a mass vaccination site a few miles away, or they can choose to call the surgery for an appointment. I’m already booked in for today at the surgery for mine. I was wondering how I’d jumped ahead of group 5 !
I just rang my GP surgery again and they told me that I hadn't been coded for a vaccine yet and would be contacted next week. The receptionist told me that they had only started booking today. I asked why some people had been coded and given an appointment already and why other people (me) had not? I complained that I'd struggled for weeks to get my dad a housebound jab and that every time I rang the surgery I had checked that I was registered as a carer. I asked how they had decided which carers were given the first appointments? When the receptionist got fed up with my questions she said hang on a moment and everything went quiet. She came back a few moments later and told me that she had spoken to the lady managing the vaccines. In the space of a minute I suddenly had been coded and given an appointment for this Wednesday.
The moral of this story, as it was with my battle to get my 84 year old dad vaccinated after a 6 week wait, is if you don't ask you don't get!
I'm usually the sort of person who never moans about anything and always waits in line. Well sadly I've found that this doesn't seem to get you anywhere in this day and age.
Thank you to everyone on this forum who has taken the time to post their support and advice.
Well done.
I always seem to be the first one to ask all sorts of things.
My principle in life is never to ask anyone for any favours, just to get them to do their jobs properly!
In you raising this issue with your surgery you will have helped many other carers too.
Well as I could have predicted.
No to carers
Carers have to come through the G.P.

I'm am 63 so I wait until called through my age.
I've given up
CUK needs to do some more work then.
After all, we are "disabled by association" are we not?
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