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Boris to discuss easing lockdown as he returns to No 10 - Carers UK Forum

Boris to discuss easing lockdown as he returns to No 10

Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
who would want to go out again after what the goverment has not done to protect its people ?

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-heal ... te-latest/
Not me or my family for sure!

Government still allowing people in the country with no quaranteen as well!

They are gonna seriously have to up their game to get us out of this mess!
Lockdown will not be lifted, Boris Johnson says in address to nation

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-heal ... te-latest/

should have started sooner to protect the uk terrible goverment they should be punished
Firstly I wish Johnson no harm & I am glad he's made a full recovery,.

So he's going to discuss easing the lockdown is he?

At the moment, per the science and thei scientists advice, the Virus is still raging out there and is far from beaten, for that is an illusion.

Part of the reason the reason the Virus is far from beaten, is the extra potency Johnson gave it, by not going into complete lockdown sooner, failure to shut down schools, business etc and not having the correct amount of PPE, Testing etc in place.

These were political decisions, He and his Gvt will be judged on in the future.

Now he speculates on relaxing the lockdown, with his friends in big business and others from his own party on his back.

Yes, from the social side many of us are being hugely challenged by the lockdown and the extra pressure it puts on us, to the point it's impacting on our mental health and those we care for.

One thing is for sure, we owe it to the 20,000 plus whom have passed away in hospitals and perhaps double that figure, if you include the other social settings, to hold this Gvt to account. Then ensure their shortcomings are brought to the fore, so they accept any culpability, that is due.

I know it's not exactly comparing apples with apples. Though the way Ardern in New Zealand has dealt with this pandemic is the complete opposite to how Johnson has.

There is no trade off between business and people's health. As She said, without "people there is no business".

If he lifts the lockdown prematurely, he's playing with fire and even more lives.

Let's hope for the best.
I've just listened to Boris Johnson's statement in full here
https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-524401 ... nt-in-full

He say's nothing about easing the lockdown prematurely - in fact quite the opposite.
As a vulnerable person, even after it is lifted I shall be very wary indeed of going anywhere there are lots of people. Living in the New Forest, our figures for victims are fairly low, but nevertheless two members of one family have died. The mum was a gym instructor at a council gym! It isn't always the oldest who succumb.

I'm due to go to Greece later in the year, my favourite place, I read this weekend that airlines are thinking of restarting at some stage with social distancing involving the window and aisle seats occupied, but not the one in the middle. Given the nature of the virus, and the length of time it can survive, I'm not sure whether this is a practical option??
Birmingham yesterday looked like Xmas shopping. And some beaches now busy too.
Boris is much too soft, especially at the start when he only requested people to stay at home.
Because virus trials have started I bet many think it's OK now to go out.

Except for an early morning walk I've been home for 4 months.
.Forgetting now how to drive my car …...
...Now does the disinfectant go in the windscreen wash or oil top up? :D


Honey Badger wrote:
Tue Apr 28, 2020 11:16 pm

Don't worry though.. I hear the chlorinated chicken will help with future food shortages, there is something about the use of disinfection agents.. we will have to look into that one 8-)
Don't let Trumpy see this or he will have all Americans
scoffing chicken to act as a cure.
I’m curious! We are on the government critical care list. I have been told by gov.uk and my GP NOT to leave the house under any circumstances.

So, I’m carer to three, a critically ill disabled son being one of those. We have received food parcels off gov.uk

If Boris starts to ease the lockdown, what do people like us do?! Do we sit and wait for a vaccine?! We’ve not been out since 22/2/2020 and we’re coping but I don’t get to see my other sons or grandchildren. Am I expected to sit here for another 12-18th months? Desperately trying to find some clarity.

I don’t care about going out to the shops but we would love to go for a drive and I’ve been told twice now NO! I live in a rural area.