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anyone who wants masks - Carers UK Forum

anyone who wants masks

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masks , ppe , etc are avaiable here and open to the public , when we bought these they cost £239 yes alot but how much is a life worth if you had to buy a mask with out the goverments providing when lock down is open ..

Tempting, how recently have you used them and what was quality like?

they only arrived yesterday we did try on very tight around nose area etc only took 3 day for delivery all sealed in seperate bags for each mask

Oh I know the ones you are talking about.. you need to be shaven for them to properly fit - main/sib caree would be very weirded out because he hasn't seen me without a beard since he was small :P

Thanks for the link

Best wishes
Are any good we are kookin for mask in shilding and my son who 24 with special needs and hubby is scsred to go.out with out a mask
Wish we cud affored to buy them my son stressing out not being able to go.out for a.walk and buying hand stsntizer
At a pinch, you can improvise a mask with a round-necked T-shirt (with sleeves):

1. Pull the T-shirt over your head and neck, but don't put your arms through the sleeves.

2. Pull the neck of the T-shirt up and over your nose.

3. Take both sleeves, use them to pull the T-shirt so that it's tight across your nose, then tie them behind your head.

Hey presto! A face mask of sorts.
Wish i cud a cud affored masks and gloves and stuff us unpaid czrers should get ppe