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Guidance on coronavirus and a place to share concerns and support
hi i sent a email to boris johnson with my concerns i dont think that i would get a reply but this is what i have said , only got auto reply at the moment

Dear sir

As we are all ware of the situation around the world with coronavirus like a lot of people watch the latest news and what the government is doing to support
The uk and given them advice and rules to follow , although I look at the latest updates I cant see anything about carers I am not talking about nhs I am talking about family carers
Who have to support there loved ones with pre existing conditions like bipolar disorder ,diabetic , asthma, copd , I am a main carer who has bronchiectasis , chronic pain in spine , reactive depression . we both have more pre existing conditions but these are the main issues we suffer from , the government has set rules saying that to go out only for medical , exercise , shopping for essentials , if you have pre existing conditions and you have a cold the drs or hospitals wont see you because it is a symptom of covid 19 but it could also be something to do with a pre existing condition , with exercise the government has advised only once a day but if you have a pet dog you have to walk them more than once a day otherwise they will do there toilet indoors , with shopping for essentials only to shop once a week ,I am a main carer who has no other support at home like a lot of people I went to Tesco to get essentials I was advised by Tesco that I should not have been there as being a carer but I needed food etc . I see from the news on shopping delivery’s could be up to a month or more when will this issue with delivery’s for vulnerable and elderly people be sorted otherwise you will continue to see vulnerable and elderly people in supermarkets taking a chance in order to survive . I have seen about benefits going up in April I had a yearly update and my benefit has gone up by £3.00 do you honestly think the benefits system is doing enough to support those who are vulnerable and elderly with in the world uk crises at the moment . I have seen about advice on masks concerning coronavirus and the impact on the news , why does not the government supply masks and alcohol hand gel as it is advised if someone in your household has a visitor , etc then the people in the house should be wearing masks while the visitor is there and as we have seen sky high prices for the basic equipment needed to support .
We are registered with the government vulnerable lists but we have only got a text saying stay in save life’s save nhs , is the government doing enough to support the disabled and vulnerable at there time of need ..

Regards martin

Its good you took the time to write,, you have brought up some valid points.
I have been trying to think of a word that describes family carers through this crisis. Now I think I've found it.


The "clap for carers" Thursday evening has really annoyed me, I'm not knocking the NHS or paid carers, but what about OUR ARMY of unpaid carers that aren't just working in a crisis, but every day, every week, every year. Paid under 70 a week, way below the minimum wage, no right to holidays, or even sick leave??

Come on Carers UK, please raise our profile during all this.

Especially the problem of family carers being able to access food for our loved ones who are too sick or disabled to get out themselves.
Clap for the NHS ?

Pray for family carers ?


Great letter covering a lot of concerns that we have as carers at this time. Susieq wrote on another thread that carers uk are also contacting government to ask for clarification which is really good.

Hope we all get some answers soon.

I am so glad we are all able to speak to each other on here.
Don't leave out our very own " Lord Kitch " here :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... rd%20kitch

The old boy needs a wash and brush up for more woes no thanks to coronavirus.
Taken for granted, only more so in this new era.
we have got age concern coming in tomorrow morning for a assessment with the guidelines from the goverment in force how can adult Social care services provide care to those in need with the risk of catching coronavirus , we was advised by family member they should not be coming in as advised by goverment
Dean ... let us know how you get on.

VITAL for us to learn of first hand experiences in this enforced , new ball game.