The Carers UK forum is a supportive online community of current and former unpaid family carers who understand the ups and downs of caring. Whatever the time of day or night, you’ll find this a welcoming place to connect with other carers, support each other and signpost each other to relevant information, advice and support. As one of our members said:

‘I love being a member of Carers UK and find the forum a godsend to unload my problems with people who totally understand.’

To keep our online community a welcoming, supportive and safe place for carers and former carers, we ask that all members follow our Community Guidelines. Before posting in the forum, please take a few minutes to read these guidelines.

In summary, we ask everyone to:
  • Be respectful and remember that there is a real person reading your message
  • Be supportive
  • Be sensitive to how others may be feeling
  • Use the forum primarily to give and receive support
  • Help to make the forum easy to use for other members
Our forum is monitored by a team of volunteer moderators (‘the Mods’ as they are known) and our staff team. The Mods will be looking out for any posts which do not follow the forum guidelines and will remove them if necessary. We cannot guarantee that one of us will be on the forum at all times, especially at weekends and at night, but we will respond to any posts or private messages addressed to us as quickly as we can.

As a starting point, I’d recommend that you visit the ‘New to the forum’ section where you’ll find a welcome message from the Mods and where you’ll be able to introduce yourself and say a little about your caring role. ... -the-forum. If you’re not ready to post yet and just want to browse through the topics, that’s absolutely fine.

If you experience any technical problems on the forum, or have any other questions or comments, please contact and we will respond to you as quickly as we can. Alternatively you can send a private message to one of the Mods (their names appear in green) or to me at Michael Carers UK.

Whether you’re new to caring, have been caring for many years, or your caring role has ended, I hope you find the forum to be a welcoming and supportive place to give and receive support on all aspects of caring.

Best Wishes

Michael Shann
Head of Membership and Volunteering Team