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  • Briefing


    Queen's Speech briefing

    21 June 2017

    The Queen’s Speech 2017 included a number of priority areas with the capacity to affect carers’ lives positively, if the right measures are taken.

  • Briefing


    NHS Mandate 2017/18 and NHS Delivery Plan

    22 May 2017

    The NHS Mandate for 2017/18 has better inclusion of carers as well as keeping the same provision as 2016/17. Whilst Carers UK is please with more mainstreaming of carers’ issues in the document, we also believe that there is a missed opportunity to ensure that carers are not more firmly embedded into the requirements for a more modern NHS. When the new Government forms in June, we want the process for 20118/19 for the NHS to look at more robust and systematic ways of identifying and supporting carers.

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