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Consultation Response

Carers UK Consultation Response - Returning to work after time out for caring

23 October 2017

The emotional and physical strain of caring for numerous years can mean that carers can struggle with going back to work for a variety of reasons. Our response to the Government Equalities Office consultation on returning to work after taking time out to care highlights some of these issues, and our recommendations.

“I have had employers not understanding what caring is – just asking me why I’ve been unemployed for so long and just thinking I’ve been sitting around all these years.” research respondent.

Whether their caring responsibilities were short or long-term, carers report simply not having the time, money or the support to plan or prepare for what would happen next – through, for example, studying, training or volunteering alongside caring. This means that a key first step involves building the confidence of carers and supporting them to rediscover skills.

Our recommendations include

  • Smoothing the transition for carers with 'returnship' programmes
  • Supporting carers to become self-employed where appropriate
  • Publicising the cross-Government Carers Strategy to drive change for carers


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