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A Recovery Plan for carers

24 July 2020

As the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues and lockdown is easing, Carers UK is calling for a Recovery Plan for Unpaid Carers. This needs action from Government, health services, local government, employers, business, supermarkets and local shops, local communities and the general public. We have set out what we think this should look like based on carers’ experiences and would welcome comment and input to build on it further.

The purpose of this Recovery Plan is to ensure that there is a clear vision looking at how the needs of carers and the people they care for are fully considered in any recovery plans – whether they are by Government, the NHS, local authorities, organisations providing services to carers, businesses or employers.

It focusses on the following:

  • Sustaining and rebuilding health and wellbeing for unpaid carers
  • Any period of restriction including those who were shielding or seen as “vulnerable”.
  • Easement of lockdown restrictions through to the end of lockdown
  • Continued periods of social distancing and the impact on carers and people needing care and support
  • Any future localised outbreaks or future waves
  • A move to a better post-COVID society in the medium term


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