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My vision for carers

Paul Burstow MP

What’s your vision for carers around health and social care? That was the simple question Carers UK put to me ahead of their annual Carers’ Summit. And the simple answer is that my vision for carers is that everyone caring for loved ones has the support they need – and recognition of the fantastic and inspiring work they do on a daily basis.

Beyond the big speeches, what do the party conferences mean for carers?

Steve McIntosh, Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Carers UK

Each autumn, as the main political parties gather for their party conferences, the media tends to get very excited about what it all means for the ‘political world’. But most people only catch a glimpse on the news or a story in the paper about the big speeches from the party leaders or often just do their best to avoid the wall-to-wall media coverage of political gossip.

Making the most of technology to balance family, caring and work

Sarah Newton MP, Vice-Chair, Conservative Party

Earlier this year, I was proud to have been asked by the Carers Week partners such as Age UK, Carers UK and Macmillan Cancer Support, to be one of the three Parliamentary Ambassadors for their excellent campaign; a campaign designed to highlight and celebrate the help that carers provide to their loved ones. There are 6.5 million carers in the UK who support family members who cannot look after themselves, either through disability or simply old age.

New Census data sheds light on older, working and young carers

Emily Holzhausen, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Carers UK

More figures from the 2011 Census are giving us a deeper understanding of the changes to our society and how carers are managing within that. Carers UK had to campaign for the question on carers to be included in the 2011 Census. It seems inconceiveable now when we have this set of data that we would not have this solid planning basis for national policy, practice and the law and locally where anyone plans and delivers services and support now and into the future.

Supporting loved ones through end of life care

Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Executive of the Social Care Institute for Excellence

My Gran died at home at the age of 93. Her last few days were sad and difficult for everyone in the family, but we know that she died peacefully where she wanted to be. While formal services played their part (health, housing and social care) what really made the difference was the dedicated, day-in, day-out care and support from my aunt and uncle who lived close by.

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