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You’ll care [about this] more than you think…

Helen Walker

Chief Executive

In this blog, Helen Walker, Chief Executive of Carers UK, talks about new research which reveals the likelihood of any one of us caring for someone during our lifetime...

What does the GP Patient Survey tell us about carers?

Rachael Graham

Policy and Public Affairs Officer

Carers provide invaluable support to those they care for but this can often come at huge personal cost. Carers often tell us about the consequences of caring on their own health and well-being. For example, Carers Week research from 2018 found that 6 out of 10 people (61%) said their physical health has worsened as a result of caring, while 7 out of 10 (72%) said they have suffered mental ill health.


Long Term Plan – What Carers UK wants to see changed for carers

Emily Holzhausen

Director of Policy and Public Affairs

NHS England has the potential to drive and deliver real and concrete changes for carers, setting goals that are ambitious but achievable in their long term plan for the NHS which is being developed now.  However, they need the vision and the concrete actions in the plan that will deliver the change that we need to see.


Choosing care is one of life’s most stressful experiences but trusted information can help

Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector for Adult Social Care, from Care Quality Commission comments on the difficult decision of choosing social care services for an elderly friend or relative.

More and more of us are picking our way through the complex world of social care either for ourselves or someone we love.  So many times when I speak with colleagues in similar circumstances, we reflect that we find it hard despite working with or in health and social care services and how difficult must it be for everyone else? 

Increasing demands on families is not the answer to the care crisis

Emily Holzhausen

Director of Policy and Public Affairs

The Telegraph’s article about a local Trust, full to capacity calling on relatives to help older relatives be discharged from hospital highlights the crisis that the NHS and social care is under –and demonstrates why we need urgent funding in social care in particular and health to reverse this crisis.   This approach risks giving the impression that families are not doing enough to care.

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