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Carers UK General Meeting 2017

GCCommitteeUpdating our Governance

On 29 June 2017, Carers UK held a General Meeting asking members to approve changes to our governing documents. 

Thank you to all our members who took part by voting by post, online or in person at the General Meeting.

The special resolution was passed by a clear majority.  Here is a reminder of the changes which have now been approved.

The changes stem from the Board's review of our constitution in the light of recent developments in charity law and regulation, so trustees remain clear about the responsibilities they are taking on and remain equipped to lead the charity.

Led by the Board's Governance & Constitution Committee (Brenda, Kate, David and Kevin - see pic), the review proposes changes such as:

  • Updating the way we structure membership, replacing ‘A’ and ‘B’ members with more straightforward descriptions: ‘carer members’ and ‘supporter members’
  • Changing the process for appointing members to the Board of Trustees to ensure the group has the right skills, diversity and experience of caring required to govern Carers UK effectively
  • Reflecting developments in charity law and practice, including adding articles on use of income and property, indemnity of trustees and conflicts of interest
  • Changing the process of terminating membership, so any appeals would be heard at a Board meeting rather than an AGM
  • Introducing byelaws to provide an additional layer of regulation within the parameters set by the constitution


This booklet sets out the background and detail for these changes and explains precisely why they are so important for our future.

The proposed changes have to be agreed by several key groups. As Carers UK members, you are the most important of these. In fact, in order to make these changes, we need to propose them in a special resolution which can only be approved by a 75% majority of voting members. Both 75% of voting members as a whole, AND 75% of voting members with recent experience of caring. That principle has always been, and will continue to be, right at the heart of who we are as a charity.

Our Board of Trustees has taken the utmost care over these proposed changes - not only to ensure that Carers UK can be as effective as possible as a charity in a challenging environment, but also to ensure that we stay true to our core values that place carers at the heart of everything we do. 

If you wish to read the full Memorandum and Articles of Association, you can download both the original version and the version with the proposed changes made here.

Online voting on the proposed special resolution has now closed. These online votes will be combined with members' votes cast in person at the meeting to determine whether the special resolution has been passed. 

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