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Money expert backs Carers Rights Day

04 December 2008

GMTV's money saving expert Martin Lewis has given his backing to Carers Rights Day.

Commenting on Carers UK's report, Carers in Crisis, released today, Martin said:

"How those who care for others are treated says a lot about a nation. The report sheds light on the fact that many overworked, unpaid carers in the UK are likely to be heavily impacted by the recession. It's very unpleasant to read about those who can't afford food, or are moving into mortgage arrears or building up debt, all due to caring for their loved ones.

Yet as well as a simple funding gap, part of the problem is balancing the books; reducing expenditure and sorting out the cash needs to be treated like a job of work too. In this not-so-pretty picture it's also worth remembering carers often take the burden of care away from the state, helping reduce the tax burden on the rest of us. Maybe it's time the favour was returned more strongly..."Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec lacus turpis, accumsan id elementum non, tristique nec purus. Cras vitae justo vitae metus lobortis condimentum. Proin eu orci sed tellus scelerisque auctor. Ut bibendum placerat rhoncus. Phasellus ut justo ac tortor rhoncus egestas ac nec arcu. Etiam euismod tincidunt sapien eu congue. Sed lacinia dui non nisi consectetur scelerisque. Curabitur sit amet tortor tellus. Aliquam mollis, diam in dictum lacinia, tortor nulla varius mi, eu vestibulum mauris sapien ut nibh. Sed ut lectus nulla. Aliquam porttitor rutrum eros, ac pulvinar libero sodales eu. Aliquam in orci augue, sit amet scelerisque nulla. Maecenas facilisis nisi nulla. Sed sed tortor quis urna blandit blandit. Morbi tristique ipsum vitae quam lobortis euismod. Proin fermentum tellus risus. Praesent mi mauris, porttitor quis porttitor ut, tempor quis nisi. Vivamus et purus commodo quam elementum dignissim ac a lacus.

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