Parkinsons and a five year old daughter

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My wife was diagnosed with Parkinsons two years ago. We have a five year old daughter and between them they are driving me crazy. The last few days have been pretty rough and been thinking about getting some help. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi Wayne,
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I think a lot of parents who aren't in a caring situation are feeling pretty crazy now and clinging on to the fact that the school holidays are nearly over and routine will be rrstored. Did your daughter do any playschemes over the hols? If not, that's something to investigate and get her name down for, before the next long holiday.

Do you and your wife receive any practical support at all? Does your wife access any services?

Hi Melly

Thanks for your reply.

Yes the summer has been tough, it started well, daily park visits and swimming but then my wife was in hospital for two weeks due to a change in drug regime so balancing a two hour round trip to the hospital with trying to keep our daughter entertained and reassured was tough going!!!
Think we've saved the summer though with plenty of days out and holidays since!!!
She doesn't really access any services, just a Parkinsons group but they are generally much older and not quite as ill as my wife. On a bad day she can't move at all.
We don't get any practical support. We are in the process of applying to get the house converted through an Occupational Therapest but I think it's going to be too expensive.

Thanks again
Does your wife claim PIP?
It's time to get support. Ask Social services to give your wife a Needs assessment ... -assessmen to see what help she is entitled to and request a Carers assessment for yourself to see what help you are entitled to ... assessment
Your wife needs long term care and you are going to need support with this for the sake of all three of you.

Thanks Melly

Yes she gets PIP at the lower rate but we are in the process of reapplying for the higher level.

I think we're going to get assessed as you recommend, sound like we should be entitled to some help.

Thanks again
Also find out if there are any "young carer"groups in the area, because they will supporoher in years to come. Are the school aware of the situation?
Thanks Bowlingbun

The school are aware and have been brilliant so far so no worries there. We have childcare before and after school too so that makes things easier during term time.

Not sure about young carers groups, do you mean for my wife or our daughter? Our daughter does see everything unfortunately, and my wife fell down the stairs a couple of weeks ago and our daughter saw it all. Shes been pretty resilient so far bless her...
Hi Wayne,
She means for your daughter, though I expect she is a little too young for the groups at the moment. If you google " Groups for young Carers," you will see what's available. The groups are run by various charities and meet to allow the children to have fun and a chance to talk about the impact of caring on their lives with folk who understand, if they want to.